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Your Greyhound’s History

  • History of the Breed – Of course you can Google search for this all day long but here are some very comprehensive sites to get you started:

  • Greyhound Data – ( This is an international site. Use your dog’s tattoos or racing name to see family ancestry (Pedigree). Search engine is pretty good if you only have bits and pieces of the tattoos and some of the racing entries are clickable to take you to video of the dog races.

  • Racing info – ( – formatted for current races but if you click on greyhounds and then “dog search” you may be able to see video of your dog racing. Try to pick a race they finished well in as sometimes the camera turns off before your dog crosses the finish line.

  • The National Greyhound Association ( is the group that keeps records of all the racing and breeding greyhounds in the US. They are the ones that issue the tattoo numbers and keep track of the dogs in the US. When a greyhound has been retired, it might “petted out” (which is industry speak for “given to an adoption group”) and if you can get the racing owner to sign the forms, you can actually have your dog transferred into your name from the racing owner through the NGA.