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The Black Dog Problem

Many groups including ours, are facing a growing problem placing black dogs. People are reluctant to adopt black or dark dogs.

What we hear is:

“They are intimidating or scary looking.”
Look into those big eyes again. They are just as sweet as any color of dog and they have so much love.”

“They look older.”
It is true, dark dogs noses tend to go gray more quickly. We have three year olds with very gray faces but they are still only 3 years old and young at heart!

“They have bad skin.”
Flaking skin is more visible on a dark dog and their coats do not hold up well in our shelter atmosphere but once home with good food and a softer lifestyle, nothing compares to the shine of a black coat.

“They are bad luck.”
We need to start a rumor that black dogs are GOOD Luck!

Please do not discount these wonderful dogs when you look. They are just as sweet and deserve homes too. Some of our black or dark dogs have been with us well over a year. YOU can be the answer to that problem, and have them warming you heart – and your couch – instead.