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  • Dog Parks – Check your city’s website to find out where your dog park is. Then check out the park itself and decide it that’s an acceptable place for a greyhound to play. If there are aggressive dogs or if it’s dirty or the ground is too rough or the fencing is sub-par, check out ones in the neighboring communities. Most greyhound owners like to carry their own water but it’s really not necessary. Have a first aid kit in the car just in case of a cut. Be SURE your dog does not get overheated. Avoid sunny, open parks especially in summer. Most dog parks require you have a county rabies tag on your dog. Make sure the other dogs have one, too. Don’t bring food into a dog park and keep an eye on your dog. Greys won’t stay very long. Most owners complain it takes longer to drive to the park than they stay in the park. The exception: if there are other greys there. Our dogs are “dog-snobs”. They prefer to hang out with other greyhounds. But you probably already know that.

  • Ft. Lauderdale has a private dog beach! Tiger Tail Dog Lake is managed by Performance Pups ( It is open year round but check their online calendar for days and times. (Also look at their photos – one shows a greyhound!) Fees run $4 for weekdays, $5 for weekends or $7 for using the jumping dock which includes using the beach. No humans can swim there. Cash only.