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Frequently Asked Questions About Greyhounds

What kind of pets do greyhounds make?
They are great house pets. They are very loyal, sweet and loving. They make wonderful companion dogs for old and young alike. They are gentle and easygoing, intelligent, quiet and polite.

What type of training do retired greyhounds usually have?
By the time you are able to adopt a retired racer they are leash trained. Greyhounds are also crate trained. This means that they are trained not to do their business in their crates and it is fairly easy to train them after that.

How fast are greyhounds?
They can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour in two strides!

Are greyhounds hyperactive?
No, quite the contrary, they are called 45 Mile per hour couch potatoes! Greyhounds are bred to run fast for a very short period of time. The rest of the time they conserve their energy.

How old are retired greyhounds?
Greyhounds are usually 18 months to 4 years old when they are retired from racing.

How old do greyhounds live to be?
Their natural life span is 12 to 14 years

Can I keep a greyhound outdoors?
No, their thin skin and slender frame make them unable to withstand outdoor heat or cold for long periods. They are house pets only.

Can I take a greyhound jogging?
Although they can learn to go for walks or runs with you, it will be a gradually learned experience and not an automatic response.

Do greyhounds make good guard dogs?
Sorry, greyhounds are too affectionate to be effective guard dogs.

How much do greyhounds shed?
Greyhounds have only one coat of hair, making them virtually shed-free and odorless. Their short, sleek coat has more oil and less dander than other dogs, which means they are less likely to trigger allergies.

Do greyhounds suffer from hip problems?
No. All dogs can have ailments but greyhounds are less likely to have many of the common ones associated with purebred dogs.

Is a greyhound really a hound?
They are a particular type of hound called sighthounds or coursers because they were bred to hunt by sight, rather than scent, and outrun their prey. Greyhounds can see for up to a half-mile and have peripheral vision of up to 270 degrees.

What else are greyhounds good for?
In addition to being great house pets, greyhounds make excellent therapy dogs.

Do greyhounds make good pets for households with children?
Greyhounds are good with children who understand and respect animals. We don’t recommend a greyhound be placed with children under five years of age. We follow this precaution because greyhounds are large dogs and not because of any issues with temperament.

Do greyhounds get along with other pets?
Every greyhound has it’s own personality, just like people. A lot, but not all, of them get along well with cats and other house pets.

Does a greyhound have to run every day?
Like all dogs greyhounds like to run, but leash walks three or four times a day and an occasional trip to the dog park will do them just fine if you do not have access to a fenced yard.

Can I take a greyhound on walks without a leash?
For the safety of the dog we insist that Greyhounds NEVER be walked without a leash in an unfenced area. This is because their attention may be drawn to a squirrel or other object and then their instincts take over without regard to cars, etc. Additionally the greyhound may run for a couple of minutes and find itself lost far from home. Remember, it’s 45 miles per hour!

What should I expect when I bring a greyhound into my home?
These dogs have lived in kennels and at tracks all of their lives. They will rely on you to introduce them to such unknown things as mirrors, shiny and slick tile floors, swimming pools and sliding glass doors.

How much do greyhounds weigh?
Males are between 65 and 85 pounds. Females are between 50 and 65 pounds.

What colors do greyhounds come in?
There are 16 standard colors for greyhounds but none of them is GRAY! They come in brindle, black, white, red and combinations of these colors. The closest to gray is called “blue.”

What is the origin of the greyhound breed?
The greyhound is one of the purest and oldest breeds of dog, dating back to ancient Egypt. There were pictures of greyhounds on the peacock feather fans in King Tut’s tomb. They were so revered that they often slept inside the tents with their masters and birth of greyhound was a cause to celebrate.

Other fun facts about greyhounds:
Greyhounds are the only breed of dog mentioned by name in the Bible (King James version, proverbs, 30:29-31). They’ve also been in the writings of Shakespeare (Henry V) and Chaucer (Canterbury Tales).

General Custer owned 22 greyhounds that he used for hunting. He loved taking a nap on the floor of his billiard room surrounded by “a sea of greyhounds”.

Greyhounds were brought to the United States to help control the jackrabbit population in the west because they were the only breed fast enough to catch the rabbits.