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  • FIRST – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Look around. Fix the “iffy” gate on the yard. Check the collar. Still have an ID tag? We did have a first aid kit, didn’t we? I will attempt to keep the explanations short. That’s not easy for me. If you need more explanation, just ask me! (

  • FIRST AID KITS – Either get a dog first aid kit or add a few things to your human one.

    • Urgent QR is a wound powder that stops bleeding in humans and works on dogs. It is available online (amazon) or at the local drugstore. Not cheap but worth every penny!
    • Clot It is a new blood stopping powder. We received a sample of it and I pulled it out when a dog broke a nail recently. WOW! I was impressed. Stopped the blood immediately and no fighting from the dog so it apparently did not sting at all. Comes in packets or a little dispensing bottle. But my sample is in a small (about 1 ½ inch) jar with a lid. That was VERY convenient. Just pushed the toe into the powder and everything stopped!
    • Flour – Yes, in an emergency, I read that plain old flour from the kitchen will stop bleeding. We had a dog dinner and another ripped nail. I asked the waitress for a little flour and it worked like a charm!! Had to repeat it a couple times in the next few minutes but this guy was really gushing and it stopped it. Who knew?

  • Collars- When you adopted we gave you a Martingale collar. They are also called Greyhound collars because they are perfect for greyhound necks. Regular collars will come off of a greyhound and without a collar, you have no handle for your dog! If you need a new Martingale collar, we have them here at FoG for $6 each.

  • Leashes – We only like four foot leashes for a reason. If you use a longer leash, your greyhound will have the room to get up to speed before he hits the end of the leash. If the leash is being held firmly, the dog may be in mid air and break his neck when he hits the end. DO NOT USE a longer leash. (Yes, I know other groups do things differently but after careful consideration, the safety of the dog is more important than the convenience to the owner! So we stand by our decisions – 4 foot leashes!) Retractable leashes go in and out adjusting to the amount of leash you choose to give the dog. Therefore, the dog has no idea how much leash he has and loses all respect for the leash. If he challenges the leash and hits the end while running, he could be injured or even killed. USE a four- foot leash ONLY!! We have four foot leashes that match the martingale collars. They are not fancy but they are great for daily use. Leashes are $6 each. Collars are $6 each. Buy a set for $10. Can’t beat that price!

  • Dog Tags – I know Florida requires that you have a County issued rabies tag on display at all times but that won’t get your lost dog home. You need another tag with your dog’s address and lots of phone numbers. If you already have one, check the information for accuracy. Things change. It’s the least expensive, most reliable thing that you can do to protect your dog!!