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Affordable Websites

  • Heartworm, Flea & Tick supplies from Australia – Both of these sites are excellent and I have dealt with them for years without a problem. They ship surprisingly quickly and can sell heartworm prevention without a vet in Australia, too. I always suggest you compare prices of these two and a couple local or internet suppliers and/or the vet, each time you buy so you know you’re getting the best deal. It’s an ever-changing market.

  • Springtime, Inc. ( sells supplements for Horses, Dogs and People and they are absolutely amazing. Years ago, I was given a bottle of Fresh Factor to give to a big old lady dog who seemed to be on her last legs. They are chewable and she took them like treats. I used big doses per my friend’s instruction and within a couple days, the results were amazing. She stood taller and she was alert and obviously felt better. I have been a believer ever since. Their Joint Care is awesome, too. And there are real people available by phone to answer questions. Good products – good prices – good results!

  • Greyhound Gang ( products have been a staple in the greyhound world for years. Claudia Presto established a greyhound rescue in Kanab, Utah when there were no greyhound rescues. Her story is fascinating. She takes on problems head on and when faced with aging race dogs and their arthritic joints, she was the one experimenting with glucosamine and chondroitin and salmon oils when no one else knew the names! WHile there, read her story. She was doing this stuff before anyone else and she has always been generous with her time and advice to help anyone or any group. She’s forgotten more about greyhounds than I’ve learned!

  • A word about RAWHIDES – Greyhounds like to chew on bones and hides but we’ve all heard about the problems with foreign processing and the chemicals involved. Long story short – this is the ONLY place I buy rawhides. I have done research and we attend the Global Pet Expo in Orlando every year. To buy rawhide made from American hides – processed in the US to US standards – that greyhounds will like – at an acceptable price – go to I prefer the retriever rolls because I worry the dog will choke on the knots on the other ones. But I’ve never actually had it happen so it’s up to you. And don’t be afraid of the factory seconds. They may be a little off in size or color but they’re the same quality. I am sworn to secrecy but I have met the manufacturer and grilled him! He passed. I can’t afford the first quality stuff for the kennel but the i-pets product is just as good!!