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Greyhound Puppies!




Response to our puppies has been awesome but we are being very fussy about their new homes. The larger one is now spoken for and will be going to her new home soon, assuming she gets along with the grey that is there now. The other, smaller girl is still looking for the right home! We would prefer it be (1) someone with a fenced yard as these girls are little furry balls of fire, (2) someone fairly local as we will need to get them back and to the vet to be spayed when they are a bit older, and (3) we’d like it to be people with some greyhound experience. Puppies are a serious commitment and greyhound puppies are extra special. They were born on July 4th and are ready to go to their new homes now. Call Michelle at 954-937-9663 if you are interested. We’ll make arrangements for you to visit them at our home in Sunrise.


  1. Joyce says:

    Hi! We are very interested in adopting one of these beautiful babies. Are there any still in need of a great home?

  2. Harvey Bernstein says:

    Oh God! They are so beautiful. Are there 100 names on the waiting list already?

    If not, please put me on!

  3. sherry roth says:

    How can I share these photos on my Facebook page? They are just incredibly cute I want to eat them up!!