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Greyhound Guardian Angels! – Greyhound Help Wanted

We have a wonderful opportunity but “it takes a village!” In the past we have worked with the Sunburst Project to move dogs from the overloaded Florida peninsula to states north of us where there are so many homes waiting for greyhounds but none available. We take 10 to 13 dogs in the big van up to a holding kennel in the panhandle. The dogs rest there a couple days with dogs from other groups and then they are sent to adoption groups waiting for them in other states. Often those groups have more homes than dogs – just the opposite of down here. It’s a win-win situation for people and dogs and just requires a bit of logistics management.

We are proud to have moved fifteen groups of dogs up to Sunburst over the years. We send along each dog’s vet records and paperwork and we enclose a little note that tells the new parents that we started this dog on the journey and we’d love to hear how they are doing. We’ve had so many emails from happy families with glowing reports about their greyhound. We are so happy to have associated with Sunburst.

And now we have another opportunity to make the run to the panhandle! I am beside myself. We’ve suddenly, without warning, had a perfect storm of dogs coming in from different directions and they are more than we can handle in the garage kennel. So I called the Sunburst team. We’ve worked it out and if you can help, we can move these wonderful dogs on their journey to their new, forever homes.

The Sunburst kennel is constantly moving in dogs and moving out dogs. The schedules can vary according to the whims of the weather-gods! It looks like they will have room for our dogs the weekend of either the 23rd or 30th. I’m trying to get clarification now. So between now and then, we need to get dogs to the vet and get records put together. And most critically, we need places for dogs to live while they are waiting! Luckily, my kennel is at a very low point so I have room for a few and we’ll squeeze in an extra kennel here or there.

We need a few temporary foster homes to step forward. These dogs will be just fine with living in a kennel and do not require anything special. An air conditioned garage or porch will do fine. We only want experienced greyhound owners. You know about handling a dog that’s right out of the kennel. You understand about crates (it’s a den, not a punishment) and about how much this means to the life and future of this dog. We will provide you with dog food. We have a couple of crates but if you have one already, that would be a help. You will probably not want them around the family cat, either. If you can take more than one dog, that would be awesome. I will be running around trading dogs so everyone gets to the vet. You will be so proud to have helped!

Many adoption groups use the foster home as a way of getting a pet into your home and when you fall in love with it, you will adopt it. That is NOT what this is about. These dogs are promised to other groups. It is a temporary situation only. You cannot keep the dog.

We will need to get the dogs all back here the morning they are leaving for the panhandle. We should be leaving at 7 AM which should get us there at 4:30 our time/ 3:30 Central time. I am certain we will have a full house here already so preference will be given to people close to Sunrise who can get the dog to us that morning.

And (I almost forgot this!) I will need a co-pilot to go for the drive. There needs to be a second person in the van. I’m usually good to drive the whole way but there should be a back up in case of a problem. We will stay overnight in the panhandle and drive back the next morning. Jerry has to stay home and handle the dogs at the house so I will need a female co-pilot to go with me so FoG only needs to pay for one hotel room. We generally stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Bonifay. Their double rooms have two big comfy beds and the breakfast is quick and included. We should be back in the late afternoon of the next day. If you think you might like to go, give me a call and we can chat.

So, what do you think? At the very worst, it could be 3 weeks of bother to care for a dog. But it’s an opportunity to change a life in a wonderful way – and maybe offset a bit of karma for you, too! Greyhounds are so treasured in other parts of the country and we have more down here than we can handle. We have moved 214 dogs through Sunburst. Together maybe we can make it 226. One more truckload of dogs may not make a big difference in the numbers of dogs or the pros and cons of racing. But to those dogs that get on the truck – – it makes a world of difference and changes their life.

Will you be a Greyhound Guardian Angel? Call me – Michelle – on my cell (954-937-9663) Or email me ( Let me know how many you can take to foster, what area you live in, and if you have a crate. Or let me know if you can be my co-pilot. If you can’t take a dog but have a crate you’d like to donate back to the cause, please feel free to leave it on the porch at the house (2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise) (Thank you!) Monetary donations toward the vet work, food, fuel, etc. will of course be put to good use as they always are when it comes to the hounds. Dog washing? Brushing, cat testing, photos. . . these are “extras” but everything we can do to present these dogs in their best light, moves them into homes faster! Please share your talents with them. They deserve every break we can get them – – and I am SO excited about this opportunity and I truly hope you are, too. I’ll be waiting for your calls! (Woo-Hoo!! – Road Trip!!)