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Good News & Bad News

Life is a balance of good and bad, yin and yang.  We can’t seem to get very far past that.  So we have to learn to welcome the “bad” parts,  knowing that it will be balanced out with something good.

On the positive side, we have finally launched BOBs dogs.  This is a special grouping of 15 dogs chosen because they are Black or Older or Broken.  (Get it?  BOB?) These dogs will not be for everyone and will most likely do best with knowledgeable greyhound owners.  To entice you to look at them, we are offering a special incentive.  Each dog comes with a wonderful bag full of goodies.  You’ll take your BOBs dog home with his or her own toys, treats, supplements,  microchip and all kinds of special things.  Our thanks to Lynne Piper, our collar lady, and my office helpers Casey and Jill for working with me to make the dogs stand out in the kennel and for making the goodie bags so complete.   We have such wonderful dogs to choose from that our adopters overlook these “less desirable” choices.  We hope all 15 dogs will just fly out of the kennel!  That would really be some good news.  Come on down and see the dogs we’re talking about or click on their own special page.

And back to that balancing business – the good news is, we have to throw one whiz bang of a party on Saturday, September 15th.  The next day, the 16th, is our Marlins park day but it’s also the last day that our kennel manager, Lee Sweeney, will be working with us.  Lee has been a kennel employee since November of 2005.  She is retiring due to some health issues that will restrict her from the long, tough hours and the lifting and bumping and physical nature of our kennel.  About a week later we will also be losing Jeff, our newest kennel worker.  He has taken an internship elsewhere.  Chris will stay on to run things (thank heavens!) and we have an ad running on Craigs List to bring in new help.

But Lee is the lady who transformed our building from a racing kennel into the adoption kennel we always wanted.  I can’t even tell you the differences she has made to Friends of Greyhounds and to the lives of the 1,000 dogs she has sent out to homes – plus the 47 she’ll say goodby to on Sunday.   Our kennel is one of the BEST in the business.  It’s clean and happy and a completely unique place where the dogs can begin to make the transition from racing kennel to a home.  It is entirely due to her hard work and caring.  With luck, she will be coming back from time to time to visit us and keep us on the right track.

Friends of Greyhounds is supported entirely by donations and we have no employees.  Jerry and I (Michelle) are the “management” team and we receive no pay.  The kennel workers are officially employees of Florida Kennels which is jointly owned and funded by Flagler (Magic City) and Hollywood (Mardi Gras) Greyhound tracks.  They donate the building and the employees to us to care for the dogs.  FoG has the right to hire and fire and run the kennel as we see fit as long as it doesn’t take any overtime.  So when we say that we are “all donation, all volunteer” we mean it.  It has taken years – and a lot of Lee’s hard work – to get us to the balance we have with the tracks. Our kennel employees often put in some extra work, too, as volunteers. And even their families get involved. Chris’ father-in-law writes our dog profiles and drives dogs around for us!  FoG is really a family business!

So, if any of you know someone living in the Hialeah area looking for a job that offers long, difficult hours in dirty, sometimes smelly, sometimes noisy, always demanding conditions with low pay and lots of official requirements (licenses, etc.), plenty of people telling you what to do, meager pay and the chance to work with the most wonderful dogs in the world who will steal your heart and then break it when they leave. . . give me a call or drop me an email!

See you at the party.  Bring the dogs to say goodbye!  (And a dish of something for the table if you want to.)