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GIVE WITH A CLICK – Only a few days left!

Dr. Leslie Hack of Boca Veterinary Clinic is celebrating her 50th birthday with a contest called “Give with a click”. It costs you nothing but if you go to their Facebook page, you can click for Friends of Greyhounds we could win $1000 in medical fees at Boca Veterinary Clinic. That’s a few dogs getting neutered so they can get homes. Plus they have challenged some of their clients to participate, too and at least one of their clients has already agreed to donate so they can double the prizes! There are only 9 groups competing so we have a GREYT chance! You can only click once during the campaign (at least I think that’s the way it works) so we need to really get everyone going on this and ask all your friends and their friends. We could SURE use $1000 in pre-paid vet care!

Someone’s going to claim this prize and we really need it! It will only take a minute and it would be a nice help for the greyhound bank account. Give with a Click! Is my new favorite game! VOTING CLOSES JANUARY 6TH!!! Get your click in now!

Give with a Click (CLICK ME!)

Give with a Click (CLICK ME!)

Usually, it’s the birthday person who receives gifts. However, being that she has spent half of her life devoted to the care and well-being of animals, Dr. Hack has launched the “Give with a Click” reverse birthday celebration. As your neighborhood veterinary hospital, we try to make our sophisticated, full service veterinary care available to all members of our community. In the spirit of the Season of Giving, and Dr. Hack’s 50th, BVC is taking the concept of gift giving one step further.

So what is “Give with a Click”? This reverse birthday celebration involves nine local charities. They range from small and barely known organizations, to larger and more well-known ones. All you have to do is select the charity of your choice on BVC’s Give with a Click Facebook Page.

First prize will receive a $1,000 vet care voucher
Second prize will receive a $750 voucher
Third prize is a $500 voucher.
Fourth prize is a $250 voucher.
Voting closes MONDAY JANUARY 6th!!!!

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  1. kerry says:

    voting for Friends of Greyhounds