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Getting the Word Out

Our adopters are getting active to support Amendment 13. Many of us who are not normally bothered by the ups and downs of politics are getting fed up. Sandra Stubbs, mom to Molly Ringwald, a blue fawn 3-year old, got tired of the rhetoric and submitted the following to her local newspaper in Fernandina – –

I have rescued two greyhounds and I have seen, first hand, the abuse these dogs go through. Each one of my dogs, winner or loser, where malnourished, full of hookworms, cigarette burns on their bodies and have bare hindquarters because of the small cages they are kept in all day.

I will admit that there maybe a few owners that take care of their dogs, but the majority use them only for monetary gains. Whirlpools to cool down? Come on! What kennel, and I have been in a lot, have a facility for a whirlpools? None!!! Vitamins, protein, veggies, let me show you the blood work on the adopted out greyhounds. It is atrocious. I have a line of veterinarians that will back me on this one.

Nice picture of a big bowl of food. So look at the weight records of the racing dogs, do you really think anyone would believe you over feed the dogs like this? They don’t get that much in a week, no less than at one feeding.

If your racing greyhounds are so sociable with their trainers, owners, handlers, then why is it that when they are retired, due to broken legs, lack of interest to run or treated like “rats with legs”, that these dogs don’t know about a yard, a walk, shy away from people and even cower when spoken too.

Let’s see, drug addicts? What about doping? These dogs, and it has been proven, with a Palm Beach trainer, after a random urine test revealed that one of the dogs tested positive for cocaine. Not to mention that testosterone has been injected in dogs, I guess because the owners love them so much, that it has led to hormonal imbalances and genital deformities.

I am incensed at the propaganda that you have put out to further the abuse of these beautiful animals. And for what, financial gain from an employee that works “like a dog” and gets treated even worse than one.


You Go Girl!!!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,