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Atascocita Gar 5Hello Michelle,
My name is Brenda and I am the person who has adopted Gar.
He is so handsome and a good boy. He is getting along very well with my
older(12) girl Alli.
He doesn’t know what snow is quite yet but he is getting used to it as we
have had some already this year.
He is eating well (inhales) his food but i am helping him take time to chew.
He loves his walks during the day. We go 2x a day around the block. Has a
strong prey drive but working on that also.
All the pictures I have taken of him are on my phone I will download them
and send you some.
He loves his toys too, He has a big basket of them.
I love him and he is a great addition to our home.
Let’s see what happens when I put the x-mas tree up, :)
I will keep you updated on his progress and send some pictures.
Thank you for the opportunity to be his forever home.