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Full to the Brim. . .

Our kennel and our schedules are full to the brim!  And do we have some great dogs!

Truck Report. . .  First, let me tell you about our photo shoot with the Horses & Hounds h&h 2013 crop1Foundation in Lake Worth.  After our very successful party and some extra work afterwards, the foundation was able to raise almost $21,000 towards helping us get our new truck.  So on Saturday we went up to the farm in Lake Worth and did some photos for the thank yous.  The day was gorgeous and the photos came out so neat!  Each year that event gets bigger and bigger.  I can’t wait for next year!

The new truck has taken some getting used to but I’m slowly settling in.  We have finally found an appropriate air conditioning system for the back of the truck so the dogs will be comfy cozy.  Right now I can push the A/C from the front passenger area towards the back but I can’t travel far or in the heat of the day for fear of overheating the dogs. But we have paid a deposit and they have ordered all the bits and pieces to put this rather unique installation together.  Once we have it all (sometime next week) they’ll take the truck for 2 to 4 days to do the work.  After that, we should be hauling dogs in air conditioned comfort again.   The projects after that will be some insulation work (we can do that ourselves),  the window installation in the side door and then we can wrap it (donated already by Flagler Greyhound track / Magic City Casino) to make it our traveling billboard to tell the world to adopt these wonderful dogs.   You can start thinking up ideas for the wrap!

Full to the Brim. . . Sunday was a nice day at the kennel trying to figure out where to put all the dogs!  Sometimes track closings, dog truck deliveries, and overloaded racing kennels all seem to come together in a perfect storm of too many dogs.  And, naturally, it  had to hit when we are short handed at the kennel and have no transportation suitable to get dogs out to other groups in other areas.  So we will feel the over “pup”ulation for a while.  We have sooo many dogs right now.

summer celebration north miamiWonderful Adoption Choices…  If you are thinking of adding to the family, you’ll never have as many greyhounds to choose from as we have right now.  We’re spaying and neutering like crazy and we’re trying to move dogs into homes quickly.  Come on down to the kennel and see for yourself.  You won’t believe the wonderful choices.  White dogs, Blue dogs, and even a one year old (May 2012) white boy.  Lots and lots of the less popular like the handsome black boys or our extra special older dogs.  My beautiful, sweet girls, Lori and Macy, are still looking for a spot, too.  (See their story above)  Jerry Berlin is fostering them right now because my house and the kennel are both FULL but they’ll be at the kennel every weekend looking for their new home.  Maybe yours?  I sure would love to deliver some dogs – soon!

Party Time This Saturday. . .  Jerry will be in charge of our Independence Day party at the kennel on Saturday, 6/29, so that I can go run a booth at the Everest Institute Summer Celebration.  From 10 AM to 1 PM, we’ll be at 111 SW 183rd St, Miami (33169) and it sounds like it’s going to be a ball.  The North Miami SWAT Team is doing a demo.  The Jeep Lyfe people are coming with their cool Jeeps and I hear Burnie from the Heat is scheduled to visit, too.  There’s food, entertainment, booths and best of all, Greyhounds!  I could use a person or two to work with me, too.  Maybe we can adopt out more dogs than Jerry does at the kennel!

Jerry’s Independence Day party at the kennel will feature hot dogs, burgers, ribs and he says he’s making his Kielbasa and rice mess – I mean ‘dish’.  It’s good stuff!  Be sure to stop by.  You’re welcome to bring something for the table but please be sure you eat more than you bring.  The leftovers are way too tempting!

055cFireworks and Scary Stuff. . . July 4th usually means fireworks and that is very scary for most of our greys.  Please bear in mind that since the Fourth is a weekday, some of your neighbors will celebrate the weekends before and/or after.  It’s going to be a long stretch for the fireworks phobic.  Please take extra precautions.  Double check your ID tags and be sure collars and leashes are in good repair.  Rescue Remedy (available in Whole Foods) can be a big help as well as some of the other commercial remedies.  Generally, a dark, quiet area (inside room? Walk in closet?) Will help a lot.  Or put the hurricane shutter up on the bathroom window, add a fluffy bed to the floor and let your hound spend the evening in there.  Maybe with a good rawhide or turkey neck to keep them busy.   Be careful and be aware.  Don’t take even the slightest chances.  And if there’s a problem, remember that we’re here to help.  Call!

Have a wonderful and SAFE holiday and we hope to see you at the kennel soon!