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Former Racer “Ronald Reagen”‘s new home

We are writing to you from the good old Jersey Shore – Asbury Park, NJ, to be specific – to tell you guys about Ronald Reagen’s new home!

We are very close with Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, and two weeks ago, we adopted Ronald Reagen (now known as Cormack) into our home. Cormack is such a sweet, wonderful boy who has just grabbed our hearts by the strings. We just wanted to let you know from the flyer we received with his adoption paperwork how much we love this boy, and how dedicated we are to giving him the most amazing life he could ask for.

To give you a short glimpse into his life, he bolts up and down the stairs at will, loves his food and treats, runs figure-8’s in our fenced-in backyard, loves his walks around town each morning, and par for the course with greyhounds, sleeping! His older greyhound sister Eligia has helped to give him comfort in his new home, and my partner Larry and I are doing our best to make sure he has the best life imaginable.

Below are a couple of photos from his first two weeks we’d like to share. We’d also like any information you can give us on how we can register him with the National Greyhound Association. Our Eligia is registered, as is our beloved, yet since passed Keagen, whom we lost earlier in the year, and we hope to add Cormack’s certificate to the wall.

Thanks so much for entrusting Greyhound Friends of NJ with Cormack, for without that, he would not be in our lives. We love him so dearly, and are thrilled to have him in our family!

Warmest regards, and happy holidays!

Jeremy Griffin and Larry Bertorelli