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FoG Greyhound is National Skechers Photo Contest Winner!

In the wake of the fuss about Greyhounds in the Super Bowl Skechers commercial, United Greyhound Racing, Tucson Greyhound Park and The National Greyhound Association (the greyhound-data people) held a contest to find an image to capture the true essence of our beloved greyhounds as well as showing support for  Skechers’ choice of dogs.

Our own Leslie Glynn of Miami and her dog Skye (Where’s Niurka) won both prizes for the most Facebook “Likes” as well as the final judging from the United Greyhound Racing Board of Directors. The winning photo below shows Skye cuddling Leslie’s Skechers.  Leslie says Skye will grab just that one shoe and her stuffie and head for her dogbed.  She doesn’t know why Skye needs just that one shoe but it has served Leslie and FoG well.  

The winner received a $300 donation to the greyhound group of her choice and Leslie graciously arranged for that money to come to us.  Thank you Leslie & Skye and all those big-wig Greyhound people.  We’d like to see more photo contests like that!