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FoG Dogs Go To Jail

>Last month Linda Willis and I drove two wonderful little girls named Nite Fire Naples (Newberry) and Payday Tabby up to the Hernando Correctional Institute in Brooksville, Florida where we kissed them goodbye and delivered them into the hands of men and women clad in orange and white striped jumpsuits behind razor wire fences. It was the kind of moment that gives you goosebumps. We drove away in silence for a while. Both of us were second guessing this choice. But we kept driving. It wasn’t easy.

We were dropping the dogs at Hernando to be grouped with other greys for the ride to the Florida State Prison at Quincy, up by Tallahassee. Quincy has over 400 male inmates and is the site for the third greyhound training class to be held in our state by Second Chance At Life (SCAL). Visit them here. Their website will give you more detail on the program. Basically, once you subtract our fear of the unknown and worry about letting our greyhounds be cared for by others, it is a good program. The prisoners learn about caring for dogs, becoming dog trainers (a trade for later life) and unconditional love. Everyone who owns a greyhound has learned about that love and it is certainly a special and powerful gift.

Each dog is cared for by two inmates, 24/7, for the nine weeks of training. They come out knowing commands like heel, stay, return and lots of very “un-greyhound-like” things. Some even learn to stop in the middle of a full run and return to the trainer! (or so I’ve heard.) Meantime SCAL is documenting their progress on their website. If you visit the site, you can even drop a short comment into Tabby and Newberry’s folders to wish them luck.

SCAL offers these special, trained greyhounds for the adoption fee of $350. I know we only charge $175 but if you took all the training classes at Petsmart or Petco that you possibly could, you would invest a whole lot more money and time and still not have as well trained a dog as these will be. So $350 for a dog that is fully immersion trained, is a great deal. Applications are taken online through SCAL or we can forward them through our offices. All applications for prison dogs must meet normal adoption requirements but otherwise these dogs are on a first come, first served basis. SCAL tries to get all the dogs from a class adopted before they graduate and that’s what we hope will happen for Newberry and Tabby. Applicants are also required to handle any additional cost of transportation (many of these dogs go to other states) and a home visit may be required. These are some special greyhounds! Some have been flown to California and to Washington! But don’t worry. If our dogs are not adopted before graduation, they will either return to us or go (with our approval) to another greyhound group.

Yes, it was scary leaving those dogs at a prison. But dogs don’t know about prisons or convicts and they take us at face value. Everyone has a clean slate with a greyhound. Some of these guys need that. Please tell your friends, even in other areas, because getting these trained dogs adopted into good homes is the real graduation and from our side, the ultimate goal.


  1. Anonymous says:

    >This is absolute proof of what these poor dogs all go through. Injuries, non-stop, and no-one at the tracks gives any thought or even help to correct it despite millionaires like Ron Hevener, making a fortune off their destruction.
    Nite Fire Naples has to wait to get fixed after suffering for people like him? And go to jail and work for "freedom"?
    Where is the "apology" from Ron Hevener after doing this kind of thing to all these Greyhounds?
    Where is the "I am so sorry"?
    Where is the "I will try and make you better"?
    Where is the humanity?
    Where is the common feeling of "pain"?
    They simply do not care.
    And this is why they are all attacking the "animal rights" people. They know we all have a conscience and we are going to expose all the crimes against these poor dogs.
    There is no stopping us, now. And they , finally, smell their own fear.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I think it is" scarier" to kill a Greyhound because they have no home as "Chris Carpenter " from North Carolina admits. After these Greyhounds have all suffered homelessness and worked to make money for racetracks and often broken a hock like one of these Greyhounds have, prisons are at least, giving them a Second Chance. This is not scary to me. What is scary are Racetracks that couldn't care less.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I hope to God the people we put in jail for all these crimes against Greyhounds, will never ever be allowed to touch one, even in prison , again.
    Even if they beg.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Knowing Oprah 's love of canines, and her crusade to help these Greyhounds get their freedom at long last, she has got the right take.
    Congrats to Michelle and Jerry and all the inmates at SCAL. You all are doing such a wonderful thing for society.
    Everyone applauds you.

  5. Lindsey says:

    >This is awesome!!! I have seen two tv programs (including Oprah) that discussed similar programs. The dogs and all inmates benefit from this program. One prison saw an 80% decrease in violence after introducing the program.

  6. Anonymous says:

    >This is absolutely fabulous! As you know,
    "Ironicus Maximus" promotes this in Michigan and the prisoners benefit enormously with their own therapy and it, in turn, effects those sensitive to canines' needs . It can be such a win/win situation for everybody.So many prisons are doing this with great success and tremendous results for people and dogs alike.
    Everyone certainly deserves a "Second Chance". Above all, these beautiful Greyhounds.
    Keep us posted and please report with pix, their graduation.
    It'll be wonderful.