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Extra Special Dog – Extra Special Home

>Well, the Campbell family from Parkland, yes the same Campbell family that adopted CF’s Charlie Boy, our 500th Adoption, has etched their names in FoG’s hearts again. Anyone who has looked at our dogs in the past 6 months has seen our special dog, Shane (Baby Let’s Cruise). Shane is going blind and we’ve worried for him because he needed to get into a home with other greys who would shepherd him. And he needed to get there while he still has some of his sight and can become acclimated. Julie and Don did their homework and knew what was involved, the kids were part of the decision, and they decided as a family to adopt Shane.
Pictured left to right are: Senna (CF Charlie Boy), Nikki (Bets On Nicole), Jilly, Don, Julie, Lloyd (Our Lloyd – partly hidden), Ryan and Shane (Baby Let’s Cruise) Campbell. That’s gonna make one heck of a Christmas Card. Now every family member gets their own leash at walk time. You should have seen the look on their neighbor’s face when he popped out of the truck in their driveway . . . “Another one?”

I know many of you have been watching Shane’s case and worrying for him. I knew you would be pleased to know he found a wonderful, caring home with lots of greyhounds and love – and that big stuffed dog toy went with him! This blog lets you leave comments. I’m not quite sure how all that works (hey, I figured out how to post em didn’t I) but if you can figure it out, please feel free to leave your comments or messages here for the Campbell Clan. I’d love them to know how happy we all are for them and for Shane.


  1. Anonymous says:

    >Congratulations and bless you for adopting this sweet, special boy!! He could not have found a more perfect home.

    The Lambertsens (Bob, Sue, Moose and Bunny)

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Congrats to the entire Campbell gang on the new addition to the family. We are glad that Shane found his forever home and will have such a wonderful and loving gang around him.

    All the best,
    Chris and Rachel Hebert
    Boss (Lee Boss) and Daisy (Rooftop Softspot)