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Energy Shot (Tex)

Dear Michelle,

Our family has adopted Tex through Greyhounds Only, Inc. I have been a volunteer with GO for 12 years as a meet & greet leader, contact representative, foster mom and kennel volunteer. We have been owned by 6 greyhounds and have fostered 28.

Tex came home with me as foster 28 in February after hurting his “ankle” during turn out. He was only supposed to stay until he was healed, but we became very attached to him. Four weeks later, our seizure hound, Brewer, died suddenly at age 9. Tex was here to stay. In true greyhound karma, Brewer was our first foster hound who was with us when our second greyhound, Paula, died. We adopted her. Tex was here when Brewer died and we believe she wanted him to stay to help our broken hearts heal. He has an older greyhound brother, Sam, who is 7 and very shy. Tex has been so good for him and his confidence. They even share a bed on occasion.

I am attaching a picture of Tex for you to see that he is quite comfortable here. Having a 3-1/2 year old hound in the house has been quite a change for us, but one we are thoroughly enjoying and hope to have many happy, healthy years together.