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Electronic Gremlins Attack FoG

>This electronic age can be a wonderful thing until you begin to rely on it and it decides to go on vacation without you. So we have been unable to get on the blog or into our email for almost two weeks. Yesterday one of our adopters, David Breece, father of Picasso & Rosie and owner of a computer fix-it company came to the rescue. A few of our electronic gremlins have been temporarily locked in the closet although he has to come back again to try to get us back to normal. We can now see the email on a temporary setup on a laptop and if you are seeing this, we can reach the blog, too. Yeah! I have several hundred emails backed up so if you expected a reply from me on something, I urge you to call or re-e-mail me. (Is re-e-mail a word?) You have no idea how tough it is to be without the internet in this electronic age!

About two weeks prior to the email leaving, our mailing list management software which resides on the website’s server also left on vacation. There is absolutely no way the two incidents are related unless we’re in the Twilight Zone. We just got unlucky. There’s a chance it is gone for good. If it is, we will probably have to buy a new software and start from scratch. If we do, we’ll be emailing all of you we can find emails for (if you put your email on your adoption paperwork) and offer you the option of joining the new list. Sorry for the extra problems. I can’t wait until we’ve put all of this behind us!!