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Dinner With The Dogs- A GREYT time!

If you weren’t there, you truly missed an amazing night!  We had 200 people and 100 dogs and we were all well behaved and looking good and we had a wonderful time.  Woodmont Country Club was a fantastic location and Jan and her troops made this the most elegant dog party ever with our white linens, black candelabras and deep red roses.  The Dog Buffett was unique and by the response, delicious!  Our host, Maurice Mizrahi of Woodmont created a delicious buffet for the humans and accommodated all of us including the number of people who arrived without reservations.  Adding tables on t he dance floor?  No Problem!  The people and dogs just kept coming!

Our silent auction was a big hit and so were the raffles.  I still have a few raffle prizes to distribute so if you find something on your doorstep some day with a ticket taped to it, it’s from me!  Only one silent auction item didn’t sell but if anyone is going to California and would like an AMAZING deal on a very special tasting at Freestone Vineyards, home of Fogdogs wine, please contact me.

Our advance sales response was so good that we had almost broken even before we began the event.  All in all, we netted almost $5,000 which we desperately needed.  We had a dog (Cosmo Mohito) fall ill and need emergency surgery which ended up in removal of several feet of her intestines and her spleen.  I cost about $4200.  The dinner took months to put together and we took a week to spend the money!  But, Mohito is fine now and will be available for adoption as of this weekend.

I can’t say enough about the people who worked so hard to pull this together for us.  Thank yous are going out as we speak and I know all of you join me in expressing our gratitude to the many, many people who worked so hard for this.  We even had clubs from Deerfield Beach High who jumped in and walked dogs or sold tickets and helped in so many ways.  And they didn’t even know us until that night!

Next year?  Well, we’ll see.  I’ve got to recover from this one first.  And if I did it again, I’d definitely have people sign up for “committees” to handle the different aspects.  Keep it in mind!

We ended the evening with a “Roo” and Jerry Berlin managed to get a portion of it on his video (Click here to see it).  He also made an interesting video of people and dogs just coming and going.  Our dogs are SO well behaved!  (Click here, too!) They even impressed me.  This was such a strange place to them but they took it right in stride.  Just awesome!   If you have photos from the event, please email them to and if they meet our computer’s standards (it’s fussy sometimes) we’ll add them to the array.  And visit the photo and video section on the website under the ‘Michelle’s Blog’ heading.  If you would like to see your formal photo or order another copy of it, go to Larry’s site: . click the photos to enter the site and then use the down arrow on the list to find the Friends o Greyhounds section.  Lots of good pictures.  Our crew cleans up pretty nicely!

Thank you all for a wonderful evening and wonderful donations.  We’re already off and running with the next event and I’m already behind.  Thank you for the continuing support and we look forward to seeing you at the kennel sometime soon.  (Surely there’s room for just one more dog in your house, don’t you think? )