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Donations Needed!

As most of you should know by now, Friends of Greyhounds is an all volunteer, all donation organization. That said, every so often I (Michelle, Vice President in charge of almost everything and a volunteer, too) have to get out there and rattle some cages to wake up the populace. We are moving out dogs like crazy and that is a great thing. But it takes a huge toll on our supplies and restocking takes time and money and “stuff”. Guys, we need a few things at the kennel. You all know by now that we have a wish list on the website but sometimes we have more of one thing and none of another. Right now we have plenty of rice and peanut butter but need cleaning products and dog cookies. Top on our list right now is: Bleach, PineSol liquid, Lysol spray, 409 or Fantastik spray and Clorox Cleanup. We also need comforters (all sizes and types as we are short) and fleece blankets. We can’t use the thermal type of blankets (feet & nails get caught) but fleece and vellux are great. So when you keep that resolution to de-clutter, please keep us in mind.

And while I’m begging, please remember we have some big events coming up and could use high-end silent auction items. Greyhound items (statues, etc.) and non-greyhound items of all types are in need.. If you need something picked up, just call me! See you at the kennel.