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Dog Racing in Florida is Coming to an End!

I’m sure everyone has heard the good news that greyhound racing will soon be finished in the state of Florida. All tracks will be closed by December 31, 2020. Thank you for all your hard work to make this possible. “Vote Yes on 13” was EVERYWHERE!! And the volunteers were everywhere, too! I was a nervous wreck the whole voting day and into the evening. I wouldn’t let myself believe it until they declared it was the final tally. You guys ROCK!! Thank you so much! So this is how I understand it’s supposed to go.

Florida dog tracks that are not currently racing will not be allowed to start another season. Locally that means that the since the Hollywood track (aka Big Easy and Mardi Gras) and the Naples-Ft. Myers track in Bonita Springs had racing seasons from December to April, they will not be running dogs again. Ebro (panhandle) falls under the same ruling so they are done. Flagler dog track in Miami had already stopped dog racing some time ago and their gaming activities are done under the license originally received for the Jai-Alai fronton that they also owned. (Good for them!!)

However, there are five tracks in Florida that operate year round so they get to keep racing until the end of 2020 as far as we know now. They are Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, Derby Lane (St. Pete), Orange Park (Jacksonville) and Sanford-Orlando. We are of course hoping they will all decide to quit early!!

I’m attaching a list for those of you who like details so that you can see who it affects and how. There are eight tracks in Florida of which 3 are done. Five are allowed to continue. There are seven tracks spread across the rest of the country and one in Tiajuana, Mexico.

Again – huge congratulations and thanks to all the hard working volunteers who put Amendment 13 on the ballot and in everyone’s faces so the dogs could move from tracks to sofas!! FoG was honored to be one of the adoption groups (Elite in Loxahatchee being the other one) specifically mentioned by Time magazine!

Back at home plate, we do not have any dogs available for adoption at this time. We are getting tons of calls asking for dogs to adopt. They are coming from all over the country!! The news stories are saying that there will be thousands of dogs “dumped” on the adoption market and people want to sign up to adopt them! However, as most of you know, we are not in good standing with the dog tracks right now and haven’t been for some time. For many kennels, that means they’d rather not give us dogs to adopt. It’s their choice. But we are here if they need us. We hope that a few of the dogs will pass through our place anyway. I love playing with new dogs!! We’ll see what happens.

Have a great week – I am so glad the elections are over!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,