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Dog Mother’s Opinion

Eight Days til ELECTION DAY

To all of my greyhound friends and their families –

I have met almost all of you and often your neighbors, friends & family members when I delivered dogs or greeted you at the kennel. So I am personally asking that each and every one of you that live in Florida, get out and help Amendment 13 get passed.

Please don’t hesitate to vote. Vote early if you can, so there’s no danger of you getting sidetracked on Election Day.

Make sure your neighbors and friends know about the greyhound amendment. This is our first and probably only chance to stop dog-racing in Florida. It gives the kennels until 2020 to fully end racing in Florida so they should be able to accomplish it in a civilized manner. FoG and all the other adoption groups will be here to help.

This is SO IMPORTANT !! The dogs’ lives depend on you. You will still be able to get greyhounds for pets and they will still be a wonderful breed. They have been around for thousands of years and they will continue to be here. I’ve written a couple of blogs already on this subject and I have tried to address every question I have heard. I’m available by email pretty easily if you have a new concern.

But if we can get this to pass we eventually won’t see them carrying dog bodies off the track after a race. And we won’t watch the dog trucks leave the kennel compound with three dogs and return empty. And life on the farms is a whole other story. Winners win. Losers die. As a civilized society, we can stop this barbarian practice in our state with our votes.

I don’t understand how anyone could vote to keep racing. It has created a marvelous breed and then offered them up as sacrifices. Haven’t we as a society, and as a community here in South Florida, been able to rise above this? I know some racing jobs and “family dog farms” will be lost but many of those people and families have had years to see this coming.

Pull the plug on racing!! PLEASE VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 13.