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Dog Days of Summer? FOG Days of Summer!!!

So is this what they call the Dog Days of Summer? Every day is a dog day around here! We are forging forward in our quest for the new kennel! I hope everyone is watching the purple progress bar on the homepage of the website. Donations have slowed considerably and it’s time to shake things up. We need to build some serious momentum. There’s a couple things we can do.

Make sure you’re coming to one or two of our FUNdraiser Parties. Keep an eye on the upcoming events page. Bring your friends to the Yappy Hour at Funky Buddha Brewery on Sunday, August 24 (2 – 6 pm. We’ll have raffles every hour. Click here to view the flyer.

And on September 9th, we’ll be at YOLO Restaurant on Las Olas from 6 – 8 pm. Donate $10 or $20 and get a free drink, apps and Raffle tickets!

Your dogs can come to these fundraisers and they are open to the public. The Yolo space is kind of “compact” so plan accordingly. (i.e – if your dog gets panicky in crowded spaces. . .) And watch for more of these kinds of things.

We will have a booth at the Animal Adoption Fair at War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday (Aug. 24). This is a general adoption fair with all kinds of animals and supplies and things. I could use some people to man (or woman) the booth and the show is from 10 AM to 6 PM. It’s all indoors so it’s air conditioned and “rain or shine”. Even the parking is free. Come on out. Click here to view the flyer.

Ready to donate? Stephen Seal has a challenge out on his Linkedin page. He’ll match the first person to make a donation of $2500. So go link up with him (tell him you’re a greyhound lover). Make your money work for the dogs!

I’m throwing out a list of things that would help the dogs get into their new home and y’all pick what works for you, ok? Here’s a few things that could help:

  • We need things to use for raffle prizes – not necessarily dog oriented. Gift certificates from stores or for services, the kitschy little thing you bought for somebody and never gave them – or that someone gave you (regifting works here – new, please) At some point we want to have a big social/ fundraiser/ silent auction and will be able to use just about anything of good quality and value.
  • Someone to do basic data entry (typing!) – I have a list of addresses to write to for donation but it needs to be re-typed. I can scan the pages or fax them to someone. It’s 10 pages of addresses but could be split among people. You can return it to me by email or fax – no travel required. But I really need this NOW.
  • I have a slightly more elaborate version of the data entry, too. I have a list of executives and their companies. I’d like to get addresses to write to them. Can you research these for me? There’s just 26.
  • Como Se Yama

    Como Se Yama

  • Events – we’d like to get into some of the large, non-dog events that are held in south florida. Our lazy dogs don’t compete well against the little fluffy ones at dog events. But we’re a main attraction if we can get a booth at shows like the “Restaurant Food Show” at Fla. State Fairgrounds or the Miami Boat Show or Camper show… you get the idea. One of our people said the Gun & Knife show brings in a lot of generous guys! A simple booth where we can have a couple of dogs and ask for donations and adoptions is all we want to do. Any ideas would be welcome and someone with a contact for any of this or that would do some of the legwork would be amazing! I’m just throwing this out there because sometimes people have connections we don’t know about.
  • Tell EVERYONE. I’m computer oriented but not so savvy about social media. FoG doesn’t have a Twitter account yet (that I know of) and if you have active tweeters (?) that could commit to getting us rolling and handle it for a few months at least, it would be a good move for us. Then there’s Pinterest (?) and linked in and Google plus. We need everyone to tell everyone to tell everyone that we need their help to build this kennel. The price was just dropped on the property and I am scared to death that someone will pull it our from under us before we get the down payment in place.
  • Grant research and grant writing – The big grants take time but there are a lot of small grants out there that are not quite so elaborate to qualify for. If internet research is your thing, this is a good project. You’ll need to find the listings and the sites and then check to see that (a) the grant is still being given and they still have funds for it (b) the parameters for qualifying. I have two people writing grants right now but these things take time – and that’s what we are short of!
  • Acehigh Jessie

    Acehigh Jessie

  • Origami Owl Charm jewelry is all the rage right now and we need a location in Broward to hold an OO fundraiser party. We have the supplier, just need a spot. Any ideas? If this goes well, we’ll need to do one in Dade, too, you know!
  • August 23rd is Macy’s Shop For A Cause day. This year they’ve gone digital, too! That means we can sell you a ticket for $5 that will get you 25% off at any Macy’s. There’s some strings, of course, but just the normal ones. Macy’s does this every year and the digital addition is awesome!! Click here to buy your ticket and FoG gets to keep the $5. You can use it at any Macys all day Saturday, 8/23. Get some for your friends, too!
  • Help at the house – I am chugging away on the computer with mailing lists and paperwork and fundraising of all sorts and I could use some help. If you could give me just a half day on a regular basis, that would be awesome. I have filing that is overflowing and input to do. The available dogs need photos and profiles and the kennels need to be swept and mopped. When we closed the adoption center, everything got dumped in the warehouse and in my office! Help, on a regular, predictable basis that gets to know our systems and routine, would be a real blessing around here.
  • Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

    Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

  • Adopt a Greyhound – This may be the most important thing of all that you can do. Please remember that we still have 8 dogs available for adoption and each one of them is special in his or her own right. We have a wonderful pair that has already been in a home and could walk right back into yours. Atascocita Sue and Atascocita Otto are a sweet couple. We’d break them up if it means getting them into homes. But if you have just a little bit of extra room, they’d fit right in. Then there’s Yammy (Como Se Yama – found on the streets of Miami) who is soo sweet and should be given the chance to live out her life in a home. She’s 10 years young and has a few health issues so a doggie door would be awesome for her. Acehigh Jessie and CV’s Candy are young (2 & 4) and full of energy. Jessie was in a home for a short while but the owner had to move. She is so well behaved and sweet. Candy is right off the track and playful as a new puppy. Wait, she would be a new puppy, right? Benny of Ruckus and Homeless Boy are both big and black and wonderful! Benny has been in a home for a short time and was a good boy just a little too much for the new owner. O Ya Shotgun Red is a tall show-stopping guy, playful and ready for a new home. Lots of wonderful choices. Come get one – and help us make room for another one.

And yes, there’s more to come. But I’m in the middle of another mailing and I need to get back to work. Hope to hear from all of you! And keep those checks and donations coming in!! We need every penny and we need it soon!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

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