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Dinner with the Dogs

Join Friends of Greyhounds for Dinner with the Dogs

Saturday, March 31, 2012, 7:00 PM at the Woodmont Country Club, Tamarac
Buffet ♦ Doggie Buffet ♦ Silent Auction ♦ Entertainment ♦ Raffles ♦ Photography
$30 per person ♦ $10 per greyhound (greyhounds only & 1 per person, please)
RSVP is now closed. Final Count Humans: 175, Greyhounds: 91

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To view or download the RSVP.
For a map & directions to the Woodmont Country Club.

Dress Code

Humans: “Dressy Casual”.  That means, be comfortable but look nice for the pictures.  Jeans are allowed as are jackets or sequins.  Collared shirts maybe.  Nice sneakers are okay.  But no tee-shirts or cut offs, please.
Greyhounds: Collar & 4 foot leash. Belly band (“pants?”) for the boys.  We will have extras for those who come without.

What to Expect

Dinner with the Dogs will be the first time we have ever been able to offer a special night of dinner and entertainment in a gorgeous Country Club main dining room and you will be allowed to bring your greyhound!

Woodmont Country Club - Diningroom

Woodmont Country Club - Diningroom

Food: There will be a buffet dinner for the humans and a buffet for the dogs. Human choices will be complete with vegetarian options and the dinner will include wine and a “greyhound”! The buffet for the dogs will be more of a tasting buffet. We don’t want to upset their tummies by overloading them with food that may not be what they are used to getting for dinner. But there still be a wonderful assortment of treats they will all love.

Photos: We’ll have a formal photography area courtesy of Larry Warsh Photography and prints will be available for purchase during dinner. Just like on the cruise ships but with dogs!

Entertainment: We have booked a professional magician to bring out the childlike wonder in all of us. His specialty is Magic to Music. We did ask him to leave the doves & rabbits at home! What an act that would have been!

Raffles & Silent Auctions: Please remember this is primarily a fundraiser so bring your credit cards and your friends.  The more the merrier.

If you buy Raffle tickets in advance with (or without) dinner tickets, we are using labels to put your name on the raffle tickets before they go in the drum. If you are coming to the dinner, you will receive your stubs but your tickets will already be in the drum. If you want to purchase more tickets in advance while we have time to label them, feel free to do so! You may also bring address labels for tickets that you buy at the dinner!

You do not have to be present to win raffle items. We will get them to you.  The raffles and silent auction are both bringing in some beautiful donations.  Very unique items!  And we’re making sure it’s not ALL doggie items.   And – If you have anything you’d like to donate for raffle or silent auction use, please, please call Michelle’s cell – 954-937-9663 – We can always use help in that area – right up until the party!

You will need to be present to win a silent auction but there will be “buy it now” prices on the items, too. If you need to leave early, you can “buy it now” and take something wonderful with you – – – for a price!

Drinks: Soft drinks and wine will come with dinner. The regular wine menu will be available for our discriminating guests who want more choices. There is a full cash bar in the Silent Auction area adjoining the main dining room. Your greyhound is NOT your designated driver!

Parking: The Woodmont Valets have graciously donated their time for our event and will provide valet parking without charge for you so that the dogs do not have problems with the high rise of the driveway and can walk right into the main entrance. We, of course, hope you will show your gratitude with a gratuity when you leave.

Dog Walking: There are grassy areas adjoining the front and side entry of the dining room. The front has no steps but less grass area. The side has a few steps and more grass. We hope to get some student groups to help us provide “valet” dog walking service for you. Please bring your belly band with you if you have one for your boy dogs. We’ll have some available but may not have enough.

Seating: Yes, the dogs will be served in the main dining room of the club! We will leave room for each ticketed dog by moving out some of the chairs. We hope to have beds and comforters for each dog to lie on but our source of these has raised the price and we may have to “rough it” by lying on the deep pile carpet or you may want to bring your own blanket or throw. We may have an update on this later.

Payment: We will accept cash, checks (payable to Friends of Greyhounds) and credit cards in advance and on the night of the event.  If the checks are no good, we let you keep your auction item but we repossess your dog!  (just kidding – sort of)

Silent Auction & Raffle Items

– this is just a sampling…

  • Statue of 5 running dogs
  • Framed artwork – two greys – gorgeous frame!
  • Basket of collars/ leash/ bandana & matching poopie bags!
  • 2 tickets to the Miami Heat – Section 124 – Row 20 ($144 face value- if you could get them!)
  • VIP experience at Arkadia nightclub in Fountainebleau.  Table for 6 with spirits bottle.  ($500 value)
  • Statue – Deco lady with her greyhound
  • Several other incredible paintings
  • Autographed book:  Mutts Shelter Stories (cartoons by Patrick McDonnell)
  • Man’s silk tie by MC Esher featuring intertwined greyhounds! – with matching pocket square
  • The Bond autographed by Wayne Pacelle
  • Entry to the FoG Poker Tournament
  • Black and gold martingale collar from Around the Hounds
  • Private wine tasting for 4 at Freestone Vineyards (Freestone, CA) ($300 value)
  • Karaoke Machine with CD & Graphics & on screen lyrics
  • $100 credit towards anything on (they donated $50 & $25 for the raffles, too!)
  • Just received a special bottle of “Grgich Hills Violetta 1995” It was signed by the owner of the vineyard!
  • Priscilla Bakes of Dog Dude Ranch in Miami just donated a free weekend at the ranch for your greyhound. She’ll include transportation to and from the ranch with a stay of Friday, Saturday & Sunday plus a free bath before going home! Value is $125 plus more.

Progress Report

The RSVP deadline was extended from the 3/17 date that was printed on the invitations to 3/27.  Our invites were hung up at the printer and then arrived after the weekend which is when we have our student volunteers so it took an extra day for me to get them stuffed, stamped & sealed.  Plus, the added time lets us accept RSVPs while we are at Horses & Hounds.   Please remember – bring friends & relatives & neighbors!  Even non-greyhound owners are invited although we cannot bring in any pets other than greyhounds.

Yes, we will have raffle tickets on sale at Horses & Hounds and that night, too.

Looks like we’re going to do a “wall of wine”, too.  That’s a separate raffle just for wine bottles.  The bottles are all wrapped up and numbered.  We sell the same number of tickets as there are bottles and then you draw a number to see what you won.  It’s a nice way to be sure you take something home for your donation. (PS – I’m still looking for a few more good bottles of wine to be donated.)

I can’t wait!  It’s going to be so much fun!  Jimmy Buffett sings about “Gypsies in the Parlour” but we’ll have “Greyhounds in Dining Room!”   See you there!   (Now, what can I wear?  No cutoffs.  No t-shirts.  Oh, no!  Those were terrible rules to make!)

The Wall of Wine is going to be awesome. We received a wonderful donation of 7 nice bottles. One is valued over $100! Will it be the one you get?

Just met with the Photographer. We’ll have professional portraits with a seamless black backdrop when you come in. The prints will be done on premises & you will have the opportunity to purchase them there. Our photographer is donating his time and all proceeds will go to the dogs!

I confirmed with our entertainment. Hope you are all ready for Dylan Ace, a world renowned illusionist from right here in Miami. I told you it would be a Magical night!

And we finalized the menu for the dog buffet. Greyhound people are wonderful. No one asks what the humans are eating. Everyone wants to know what’s on the dogs’ buffet!

One Comment

  1. Susan Lederman says:

    We are so sorry that we will not be able to attend this amazing event. Unfortunately we have a family shindig on the same evening. Have fun and we will be sending a donation. We have a deep appreciation for all that you do.

    See you next time,
    Suzy, Steve, Seth, Raye, Chase (aka Pike’s Snapshot, aka Stubby), Hera, Xena & Sam