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Dinner with the Doc – Ya’ll come, y’hear?

Why at Welleby? Dr. John Willie has been FoG’s veterinarian since we started this venture in 2001. I remember almost forcing the man to come to our “kennel” we had built in our garage so he would know we had really committed to this project and we NEEDED him to commit to it, too. We got him to the garage late one Saturday afternoon. He’s been with us through the happy and the sad parts ever since. Finding the right vet was a critical step in the founding of FoG.

We were looking for a place to hold a dinner party and we think this is a really neat location. There’s plenty of room and lots of parking. Plus it lets you see the back rooms and insides of the vet office that you might not otherwise get into. Dr. Willie, his wife, Jenn, the kids and the whole staff will be there and you’ll have the chance to get to know them. It’s easier to leave your greyhound with someone you know than with a stranger behind a desk. FoG is a family. These guys are family, too.

What are we doing? Well, everything is pretty much on the flyer. I know it’s short notice but it’s been a crazy time and we really need to do some partying before we all get caught up in the holiday insanity. I’ve been so busy moving dogs around, this was the quickest, easist and bestest way to pull together a party! And I am so ready to relax and visit.

We’ll have a nice buffet dinner with wine (and other beverages) for the humans with tables outside. We’ll have a separate buffet for the dogs, too. All the ticket and reservation info is on the flyer. Please prepurchase or reserve in advance so we know how many people (and dogs) to expect! There will be a bunch of raffles, a casual photographer to record us, and a Best Dressed Dog contest! Lynn the Collar Lady will be there but I told her not to bring her machines. We all want collars but I want her to have a fun evening, too! We’ll have a table with a few things from the store that might make good Holiday gifts so you can start your shopping. But raffles, dogs, food and visiting are the events for the evening. Good food, good friends. We don’t need much more. All well behaved, leashed greyhounds are invited. Non-greyhounds will need to stay home. You are welcome to bring friends, too! The more the merrier.

five over log copperWe’re holding one BIG raffle, too. And if you can’t come to the party, you can still enter this raffle and play along with us. Each ticket is $5. There are TWO BIG prizes – a big, beautiful greyhound statue or a certificate for $300 in veterinary services from Welleby. The statue is copper colored with five greyhounds leaping over a log. It is very heavy but we will ship it to a winner if necessary at our expense. So if you are out of the area, feel free to still enter this raffle. Somebody’s got to win! And the certificate for vet service is awesome. You know that most of our dogs could use a teeth cleaning if nothing else! The first ticket drawn gets the first choice. The second ticket gets the remainder.

There will be plenty of Pick-a-Prize raffles, too, and each human ticket gets 5 free raffle tickets with it. You can purchase your tickets for the dinner and for raffles below. If you’d rather make your reservations and pay at the door, just email me at The flyer for the Dinner is here, too, so you can print a few and invite your puppy-loving friends. The more the merrier. I could use some volunteers to help out with some of this, too. Any questions, problems, or to help, call me. Otherwise, we’ll see you at the kennel or at the party! Don’t forget the Best Dressed Dog Contest!!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

We are getting ready for tonight's dinner and had to shutdown the online ticket sales.

You can still purchase tickets at the door or by calling Michelle at 954-937-9663.
See you at the dinner!