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Dennis Hickson – we will miss you.

>When we adopt a dog, we hand the adopter a manual called “Welcome to the Family”. Owning a greyhound puts you into a special family that extends all over the world, thanks to the internet. And if you’ve ever been to the kennel, you know that FoG is a pretty close knit family of greyhound owners. Well, we have lost a member of the family.

On Thanksgiving evening about 6:15, Dennis Hickson was going home from his nephew’s house in Davie on his motorcycle and was killed by an SUV. An elderly woman passenger in the vehicle also died.

Dennis’ three dogs, Ruby (Rowdy Ruby), Buddy (MJ’s Uh Oh Bubby) and Orbit (Hurcan Washill) are being cared for by family right now but will be coming back to Friends of Greyhounds and looking for homes very soon. They will miss their daddy so very much. Each of these dogs was a special case in some way and Dennis would have been a hero to us for taking one of them. Taking all three elevated him to Greyhound Sainthood! We don’t want to see the progress Dennis made with them lost by putting them back into the kennel unless we absolutely have to. (And besides, we don’t have that much room!) So we will be reaching out to our adopters, particularly those of you who signed up for the Emergency Foster program, to find them foster homes as opposed to returning them to the kennel. For the moment, they are still at home waiting for their dad to come back.

Scott, Dennis’ nephew, was more like a son than a nephew. And Scott’s two girls were virtually Dennis’ grandkids. Scott’s sister is also local but the rest of Dennis’ friends and family are all over the country, especially New York and California. It was Dennis’ wish that there be no funeral and he was not a religious person. That’s a hard wish for those that remain here to follow. Scott said he would love to have some sort of memorial for his Uncle to celebrate his life and his impact on all of us. We are in the process of scheduling that and we welcome your input. There are a lot of Dennis’ co-workers who would like to be a part of it as well. We might even have it right there at the kennel. There are also plans to do a “memorial swim” of sorts at the Polar Bear dip in January in New York that Dennis attended every year. (I’ll have to pass on that one! Sorry Dennis. BRRRRR!) And Scott would dearly love for any of you that care to, to share any memories or stories or snapshots of Dennis that you have. He hopes to compile them to share with his kids as they get older so that they know what a wonderful and loving man he was. We can share them at the service when it is held or you may mail them to the family. Email me and I will supply the address.

Dennis will be missed. Badly. By his dogs and by all of us. He was an integral part of our group, filling volunteer spots in the Broward Open House and at the track. He was so supportive of our work and dearly loved the greyhounds. We’ll be in touch soon with the details for the memorial. Dennis had other greyhounds and Irish Setters waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge. We’ll take care of the ones here, Dennis. Enjoy the visits with your old friends.


  1. Anonymous says:

    >If all of these people have been so terribly changed by Dennis, I have missed out on a terrible person. After reading this, I was devastated. His soul is still at FoG, when I go I feel him there. May his dogs be well and his friends attempt to patch up the place in their hearts that was lost.

  2. Virginia says:

    >I know Dennis from the Markham Park Dog Park,in Sunrise, FL, he was a great guy & today I just found out that he died.
    The dogs were as great as he was.
    Virginia & Cole

  3. Christine Darcy says:

    >There is an obituary on line, along with a comment book for my family to keep (just google Dennis Hickson). Please feel free to past this website on to anyone that Dennis touched. This will be a keepsake for my family. It has been over a week now and I am still waiting for his am telephone call. I am, the big sister Christine Darcy. I love you all. Pictures also

  4. Christine Darcy says:

    >For Nancy Jimenez, we are trying to reach you as my nephew Scott things you stored some of Dennis’ things. I am tina Darcy (sister) and can be reached at 617 325 3802 thank you for your kind words

  5. Christine Darcy says:

    >Monaco, I had no information on you but did think about you. I remember you well. I had Ray as my only contact. Free free all to also send coments to the Globe Obituary, whic comes up under Dennis Hickson also. I have purchased this for my family. Thank you so much for remembering and as you will see We have asked for donations to go to this Friends of Greyhounds site. This would be the make Dennis proud

  6. Anonymous says:

    >Hi Tina, this is Monico – I met you a while back, either in Boston or New York. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Thank you Friends of Greyhounds for this great tribute to Dennis. Glad to hear the puppies will have a home soon – they were his life.I met Dennis while working at TWA in Los Angeles about 20 years ago. We subsequently became very good friends during our stint in Long Beach, New York. He was indeed a unique individual – I will miss my friend…Hope to see everyone in Long Beach, NY in January.

  7. Christine Darcy says:

    >Hi everyone, My sister,brother and I were able to spend some wonderful time with Dennis (brother), Ruby, Buddy and Orbit recently. My youngest brother and sister did not come with us. We are all here in the Boston area, except one brother in CA. Dennis also spent time with a couple of friends of mine and myself in Africa in January and were planning on other trips.
    During our stay in FL with Dennis my sister and I spoiled the dogs with treats, etc. Because Dennis was so good, we were able to sleep in his bed, but he took the dog beds to the room he slept in, however two of the dogs slept in the room with us. Dennis was pissed.
    I know a lot of you out there from everywhere due to the fact that Dennis was my brother and my love to you all. I have lost a friend, brother and travel companion. All my sibs have lost a wonderful brother, my chilren, nieces and nephews have lost a great uncle and all my granchildren,great nieces and nephews has lost a loving uncle. We will all be there to root Scott on at the Polar Bear Swim on Long Island and hope to be able to attend the memorial in FL by the Friends of Greyhounds. Feel free to contact me by email or Home 617 325 3802 and cell 617 981 2669. We have all had a great loss

  8. Anonymous says:

    >Hi, my name is Nancy Jimenez. I was fortunate to meet Dennis when he rented me an apartment in Long Beach, NY. We lived there till he sold the house and moved to Florida. We still kept in touch. My children and I loved him dearly. He was a beautiful human being. He is now with Lester and Joe. He will be missed. May God Bless you Dennis W.(for wonderful)Hickson.
    We love you,
    Nancy, Carlos and Jazmine Jimenez.

  9. Anonymous says:

    >I have known Dennis for over five years. And yes Jeffery, I am blessed. We are blessed at Hamilton Sundstrand, where he worked. We have a picture of Dennis posted in our company, which shows him with a smile and the love and passion for life that he had in his eyes. Yes, we will miss him dearly. My sympathy to his family.

  10. Jeffery says:

    >My name is Matt Roper and I have served in the USMC for 18 years. In that time, I have traveled the world, fought in a war, and met thousands of people whom are difference makers, policy setters, and influential ambassadors. I dont remember many of them at all. They were simply there. The first time I met Dennis, I knew that wouldnt be a problem. The reality is that the world only has a limited amount of “special” people and they arent me, the Marine, they arent politicians, dentists, doctors, lawyers, etc. They are the Dennis’ of the world… Dennis lived life with a smile, kept life real and simple, and I dont think I stopped laughing in his presence. If you ever met him, you should consider yourself blessed. To Scott, Jodi, and the girls. We love you. Matt, Kasey and Samantha.

  11. James lopaka says:

    >Know you are loved and will be missed.


  12. Pixelperson says:

    >Please accept our heartfelt condolances. We wish peace to all.

    I sincerely hope that a home is found for the pooches as soon as possible.

  13. Mary Lee says:

    >I am heartbroken that my niece and nephew, Scott and Rochelle have to experience such a tremendous loss. Dennis was a good man and loved them like his own. I have fond memories of Dennis when I was a growing up and he will forever be missed.
    Love, Auntie

  14. Michelle says:

    >We are so sorry to hear of this tragedy. What a beautiful guy Dennis must have been. Our thoughts and “prayers”, go out to his entire family . We are all hoping his Greyhounds find a loving home, soon.
    The Cuenant Family