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Dear Santa . . .

>Sometimes we get questions from folks who would like to know what they can bring us around this time of year. Of course, our wish list is on the website. And, of course, our biggest wish would be for all the homeless dogs to get homes. But that’s probably not too practical. In the interest of practicality, here is a pretty updated list of basic things we really need more of at this time for the kennel and for the dogs:

Pine Sol cleaner
Fabuloso cleaner
Liquid Laundry detergent
Dog Treats & Cookies
Stuffed Toys with squeakers
Lysol Spray
Generic Immodium caplets
Generic Pepcid tablets
Pepto Bismol Caplets (NO liquid, please)
Paper towels
Lutein & Grape Seed supplements for McFly (Where’s Flydump)
Rice, macaroni, pastas
Sweet Potatoes (fresh ones are in season now)
Canned Food add-ins like canned pumpkin, mackerel, tuna, sardines, carrots, peas, creamed corn, peaches, etc.
Special snacks like goldfish crackers, vanilla wafers, applesauce, peanut butter & hot dogs

Supplies for our “belly band” project: Vellux Blankets (even used is fine – dark colors are better), 2″ wide rolls of velcro (sew on type), Fleece (fabric yardage or throws, colors, prints as well as plain white)

And please remember that we still help support our sister kennel at the Community Partnership for the Homeless (see our post from 8/29/07 – click “community” on the index and go to the bottom) and any donations you’d care to give for them will certainly be appreciated. They get small and large dogs and they’re keeping pretty darn busy in this economy, too.

It’s a busy time but we hope you’ll have a chance to come visit us soon. Happy Holi-greys!