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Could YOU Help a Recovering Dog?

FoG regularly cares for healthy dogs and gets them ready to go into their new homes. Occasionally we see dogs that need special care. Sometimes we have to say no because we just don’t have the resources. But maybe if we work together, we can bridge the gap and get some of those dogs into homes, too. 

Broken legs are common in the racing industry. Some breaks are simple and with treatment and rest, the dogs are up and running again. Some breaks are more complex. Those are the ones that need help. Each case is unique and I can’t tell you exactly what to expect other than a loving and grateful dog and all the support that we can give you. 

Some dogs may already have been to the vet and some may not. Once a dog has been evaluated, we’ll know more about what we are facing. Most cases will involve a specialist (probably an orthopedic vet) and probably a major surgery. Then there will be follow up visits and bandage changes. 

Reggae (Regall Rageon) broke his hock 12/1. Now living in the kitchen at the FoG kennel.

Care for one of these dogs could entail 8 to 12 weeks of severely restricted activity after surgery to allow the bone to heal. During that time, you will need to leash walk the dog and use a crate when you are not close by. He may need to wear a muzzle to keep him from chewing the bandages. FoG can work with the foster home in whatever way you want, providing crates, meds, food, “taxi” service as needed.  

We are trying to get some help from a few of the local vets to see if we can take on this project. I’ve found our first surgeon who has agreed to help us. It won’t be free but she’ll do two for the price of one. So if we raise the money for one surgery, we can save two dogs. Another general vet has signed on to help with bandage changes and maybe even kenneling. But we’d rather have these guys, who have already been through so very much, be in a home with love and care. Someplace – – like your house? 

So here’s what we need: 

  • Orthopedic vets to help us by donating surgeries at a discount (free?)
  • General vets – knowledgeable about greyhounds – to help with bandage changes, possibly x-rays and communicating with the Ortho.
  • FOSTER PARENTS that can care for the dog. Feeding, meds, leash walking, communicating with FoG and with the vets. And loving – lots of loving. This is a very scary situation for these dogs and reassurance is critical.
  • MONEY – There’s no getting around this part. FoG does not have spare funds for this project. But we don’t have the heart to say no, either. If you can dig just a little deeper, have a yard sale, bake sale at school, collect donations from our wish list (less we have to buy!), etc. Get your office to “sponsor” one of the dogs. We can give you regular reports – even copies of the bills! Like many projects we want to do, it will sink or swim based on money. Please, let this one swim!
  • Miscellaneous ideas – Can’t Foster? Team up to help a Foster parent with the taxi service or noon walks or maybe provide the food. Or dogsit when they need to be away. 8 to 12 weeks is a very long time. 

The cost will run (ball park) about $1,500 a dog above our usual expenses. That’s an optimistic estimate based on severely discounted vet work, meds, bandages, xrays, food, etc. Every case is different. 

So please think about this and give me your feedback. The dogs need your help. It’s not easy – but it is so, so important. After all, we each have some kind of iffy karma out there. What better way to make up for it!  And, please, kiss your dogs for me. This could be them looking for help, you know. 


To volunteer or donate or ask questions, email Michelle at Or call my personal cell at 954-937-9663. Donations may be mailed to Friends of Greyhounds, 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322. Mark them “Broken Leg Fund” if you want to.  Hope to hear from you soon.


  1. Michelle says:

    I appreciate your offer, Missie, but these dogs will require frequent visits back to the orthopedic surgeon for bandage changes and evaluation. Sebring is just too far away for that to work. If it is alright with you, I will keep you in mind and if other situations arise, perhaps we can make use of you. Meantime, if you’re ever in the area of Hialeah on Saturday or Sunday. Stop by an visit the kennel. We’d love to meet you!
    Love, Peace & Greyhounds, Michelle

  2. Missie Gillilan says:

    Hello, my name is Missie Gillilan, I live in Sebring FL. I am a vet tech and have two retired greyhounds of my own….I have been looking for a way to help greyhounds and thought fostering might work well for me and my schedule but was not having much luck finding websites that were asking for foster parents…..till your site. I don’t know if I am to far out of your driving radius, I am about 3 hours from Ft Lauderdale but I would love to foster and care for greyhounds with broken hocks. I can accomodate one at a time right now. I would take him/her with me to work so I could monitor closely. It would work best for me if the grey had already had the surgery and was needing the few months of recoup time. If there was someone who would be willing to drive half way I could meet them in Clewiston to pick up and give back greys. Don’t know if you could use me or if I am just to far away from ya’ll.

    Hope to hear back from you and thank you for your time.