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Checking in – Status report

Dear Friends of Friends,

I’m sorry for the delay in the updates. I’ve been keeping busy, though.

TabiaDOG UPDATE – The kennel itself still has 20 dogs in it. Atascocita Gabby is waiting for her house to get its certificate of occupancy. Mom & Dad visit almost every weekend and every week we think it will be next week! She’s gonna be right down to the wire. If worse comes to worst, she’ll be at my house kennel waiting for them. CS Tiki who was given up, had an app but the app fell through. She is now adopted and sleeping on my couch. My 8 year old toothless wonder! Our house is turning into a senior center.

TRAVELS & TRANSPORT – The other 19 dogs in the kennel will be going up to the Sunburst Kennel in Ebro, Florida. The first group will leave Monday, June 2nd (tomorrow) Cherie Silverman has volunteered to co-pilot for the trip. The dogs will rest a bit and then on Tuesday night, they leave again. They should arrive at their new homes in Texas on Wednesday, June 4th. Ya-Hoo! On Thursday, June 5th, I will take the final dogs from the kennel and drive them up to the Sunburst kennel in Ebro. I am still looking for a co-pilot for that trip. This is your last chance! Speak up! (It’s not a fancy trip and we leave early in the morning (like 5:30) and get back the next evening. You can leave a car at my house in Sunrise.)

greyhound-racingKENNEL UPDATE –I have spent an inordinate amount of time sorting through “stuff” at the kennel but I’m still limited on what I can do. I am donating things to other groups that can use them as much as I can. There is a new group called “Greyed A” (I think I got that right) starting up in Palm Beach. She is specializing in care of the “broken” dogs, those with injuries or illness. We at FoG are very, very proud that the timing worked out and this group, so aligned with our thinking, was able to use a lot of the items that we wouldn’t have wanted to store. We were able to give them crates and xpens and bandaging materials, blankets and towels and things that we have more of than we need for the moment. And this group will put them to work in a wonderful mission. We’ll hear more about Greyed A soon, I’m sure. Just sorting through bandaging material and collars and leashes and oddball items that are so necessary for the dogs, has taken days. We keep things at our house, at the kennel, in the office storage area, in our rented warehouse and we are getting everything into one place and all on the same track. But it’s been touch. Often people give us things in good faith but they aren’t really right for greyhounds. We’ve always been good about finding someone who can use them. But sometimes they go into a drawer or a closet or a box and we figure on dealing with them another time. Well, now’s the time. So we’re also doing a lot of distributing of things to our friends at the Wildlife Care Center (bleach, disinfectants, plastic dog carriers – too small for greyhounds) and the animal shelters, Humane Societies, our vets’ offices, etc. And we’re sending a lot of carpets and cookies and things up to our friends at the Sunburst Project in Ebro, too. This is a lot of work! But nothing – NOTHING – goes to waste with FoG.

grp 1LAST CHANCE GATHERING – Meantime, the weekend dog play area is still operating at least one more weekend. We’re not actually going to throw a party as we still have a lot of work to do and Jerry & I want to have time to visit with everyone. But it will be your last chance to come to the kennel to play. Also, it’s a last chance for Lynn Piper, collar lady extraordinaire, and a major supporter of ours, to come to the kennel one more time. So many of you have asked for collars and couldn’t make the last party. So mark your calendars – June 7 & 8 will be the last chance for collars in Hialeah. We’ll have all the “stuff” in the store marked down and ready to move out. We even have the washer, dryer, freezer, showcase and bunches of other things for sale. So much of it had to wait until the dogs were moved out! So we hope you will come to the kennel and play. And let us tell you about our future plans and the changes we want to make. You’re going to love it! And you know your greyhounds really prefer to hang out with other greys!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANEW KENNEL – Okay, this section is still in the planning stages. We have great ideas and plans. We have wonderful friends and people who know people who have places and things. I’ve been buried in getting our last dogs out of the compound and in saving and sorting all of our stock and supplies so we’ll be ready when we open our new kennel. We’ve been so crazy busy on this front but I don’t have any truly concrete information I can tell you. All I can say is “Stay Tuned”. Our hope and dream is to get a couple of acres (zoned Agricultural, we figure) and build our own Greyhound haven with a kennel, our home, a dog park to call our own, and hold open house for greyhounds every day! We’d like to find a spot in the SW Broward area, like Davie or SW Ranches. Then, when the kids want to work with the dogs, we wouldn’t have to limit them to “10-3, Saturday & Sunday”. And your dogs could come run in a greyhound only dog park anytime they want. We could care for our own available dogs, our own way, with blankets and toys and music and love. Please don’t get me wrong. We were incredibly blessed to have that kennel in Hialeah and our arrangements there for so long. But we’re established now and we really think that with the adopter base we have, we should be able to put this together. There will still be racing dogs that need to go somewhere when they can no longer win. Friends of Greyhounds, with your help, will still be there for them. Once we put together all the great offers and ideas and research, we’ll let you know what the plans are as they evolve. The dogs deserve this – the greyhounds that are racing right now and the greys that are to come. They need Friends of Greyhounds. We need to be there for them.

So we’ll see you on June 7th & 8th at the kennel. We’ll be looking pretty different, but that’s okay. Sometimes change is good! We can do this, Friends. We can do this!

I’ll be in touch – And you stay in touch.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,