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“Chase Hailtothev” has his forever home and loving it

Dear Friends of Greyhounds:

I just wanted to report to you that “Chase Hailtothev” (now aka “Ace”) is here in the Rochester area living with us in his forever home for the past two months. I know you had him there, and I thought you’d appreciate knowing that he has a wonderful home with us. He is a true lover boy! We didn’t think we’d get another greyhound after losing our first one in March 2013, but Ace came into our lives and is absolutely perfect for us.

Ironically, our daughter who also has a retired racer from Florida “Foley,” just moved from Rochester to Boca Raton about 3 weeks ago!

Here are a couple of pictures of “Ace.” Enjoy, and thanks for taking good care of him.

Best wishes,
Amy (and James) VanDemark