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Fleas, Ticks & Assorted Critters. . .

Yes, it gets cooler in winter in Florida but honestly, it often does not get cold enough to kill off the biting beasties that plague […]

Friends Don’t Leave Friends in HOT Cars!!!!

Hurricanes and Greyhounds

Dear Friends of Friends of Greyhounds – – I am skeptical about the impending hurricane but I have been in Florida long enough to know […]

The New 5 Second Rule You Need to Know!

New Year Resolutions

Happy Holidays!  Wow.  What a whirlwind holiday this has been.  And still so much to do before the end of the year.  Thank you all […]

Fighting the Heat.

>We all like to take our dogs on walks or let them run, run, run in the backyard or dog park. But this year, with […]

Doggy Dental Doings

>Yes, you are supposed to be brushing your dog’s teeth daily. I’d be real happy if you’d do it weekly. In truth, the majority of […]

Pet Insurance Primer

>When a pet gets sick or injured, you face some scary decisions. It’s hard enough to be confident in your choices about vet care and […]

>Blood Bank Closing. For several years now, Sun States Animal Blood Bank has worked with Friends of Greyhounds as they tried to build a non-profit, […]

>Pet Insurance. We’ve all wondered from time to time if pet insurance is appropriate. If you’re like me, the premiums have stopped me cold. But […]