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FoG Greyhound is National Skechers Photo Contest Winner!

In the wake of the fuss about Greyhounds in the Super Bowl Skechers commercial, United Greyhound Racing, Tucson Greyhound Park and The National Greyhound Association […]

New Year Resolutions

Happy Holidays!  Wow.  What a whirlwind holiday this has been.  And still so much to do before the end of the year.  Thank you all […]

VERY Special Dogs Arriving Soon!

The greyhound racing world is gradually getting smaller.  As popularity wains, tracks run less races and there is less profit in the “Sport of Queens”, […]

Could YOU Help a Recovering Dog?

FoG regularly cares for healthy dogs and gets them ready to go into their new homes. Occasionally we see dogs that need special care. Sometimes […]

Art Deco Festival on South Beach

On Friday we had to have our booth set up and in place at the Art Deco Festival on South Beach in Miami by noon. […]

D1K – The Party’s On!

D1K means “Dog One Thousand” and Friends of Greyhounds is celebrating our 1000th ADOPTION! We’re holding a BIG party and BBQ at the kennel on […]

Friends of Greyhounds needs YOU!

>We are looking for some good volunteers who are willing to commit long term to helping these wonderful greyhounds get into homes. We need people […]

>Keeping Busy!Wow, we really are keeping busy these days. Just check these out and you’re bound to find something you want to help out with […]

>Update on Dennis Hickson & his dogs. . . Dennis’ dogs, Buddy, Ruby and Orbit, have come back to Friends of Greyhounds and amazingly enough, […]

Dennis Hickson – we will miss you.

>When we adopt a dog, we hand the adopter a manual called “Welcome to the Family”. Owning a greyhound puts you into a special family […]