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Black Dogs Need Love, too!!

Adoption groups around the world have known about the problem but now someone has given it a name and brought it forward. Black Dog Syndrome […]

THE TOP 10 REASONS “DOC” (“Windy Spring”) NEEDS A FOSTER HOME vs. RETURNING TO THE KENNEL – From his Temporary Foster Mom

10. He’s fully leash-trained and walks like a gentleman alongside me and other dogs; 9. He’s figured out oddities in the home like sliding glass […]

Our Golden Girls – the Sweetest Pair

We have a pair of very special dogs in our kennel that are being overlooked.  They are M’s Pretty Lori (sometimes called Stella) and Dynamic […]


We’re in the last week of April, National Adopt a Greyhound Month, and our adoptions are slow, slow, slow. Let’s get off the couch and […]

Fighting the Heat.

>We all like to take our dogs on walks or let them run, run, run in the backyard or dog park. But this year, with […]

>Orbit goes to Camp! Orbit (Hurcan Washill) and Regall Chava went to visit St. Jerome’s Summer Camp in SW Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday, July 23rd. […]

>Be A Friend to Orbit The Greyhound. Hurcan Washill (called Orbit by his friends) is a wonderful dog who is still looking for his forever […]

>The Black Dog Problem. Many groups including ours, are facing a growing problem. People are reluctant to adopt black or dark dogs. What we hear […]