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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
10/21/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

I received the following from a lady named Gail. I know some of you are receiving similar questions from friends – or maybe you were […]

“Take my Siblings out of prison. Thank you .” – Hughey

Vote YES on Florida Amendment 13 to stop Greyhound racing.

A ‘yes’ on Amendment 13 will save lives and money

By voting “yes” on Amendment 13, Florida voters will have an opportunity to promote animal welfare and nix a state mandate that private businesses race […]

Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 13 to end a cruel, inhumane practice | Opinion

By Jean Wingo, Your Turn Of all the Constitutional amendments, there is one that merits the support of all sides of the aisle. For years […]

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
10/2/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

The Politics of Greyhounds – – I can’t believe it has been four years since FoG left the Hialeah kennel. That area has changed so […]

End dog racing with (lucky) Amendment 13

by FRED GRIMM Think of Amendment 13 as a merciful act of euthanasia; our chance to put dog racing out of its misery. The vital […]

Full Speed Ahead to Election Day – Why You Should Vote YES on Amendment 13

As many of you may have realized, Friends of Greyhounds is fully supporting the Protect Dogs movement along with Grey2K and for the sake of […]

I used to regulate greyhound racing in Florida; end it by voting for Amendment 13

BY TONY GLOVER I am not an animal rights activist, per se. To my daughter’s great disappointment, we do not even have a dog. I […]

Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
8/6/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Well, I like to make the blog about the little this-and-that from around the kennel and around our group. But today, there isn’t much of […]


Every three days, a dog dies on a greyhound track in Florida. And 94% of those dogs are three years old or younger. Here’s the […]