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Broke the Truck – Again!

A Florida Trooper told me on the phone “I can see you on the camera.  I’ll get help to you.” and I almost cried.  The van died again.  On I-75.  Just before rush hour.  WITH dogs in the truck! That was the worst part.  I had dogs in the truck!  I’ve broken down time and time again with that van and I am getting worn out with it.  But I’ve never been stuck with dogs in the back.DE PA trip 608070

It was scary and FoG needs a new truck.  No ifs, ands or buts.  Long story short, I went through a series of road ranger and tow truck visits and Jerry came out and loaded the dogs and me in his car.  I was in Miramar so at least I wasn’t in the boondocks somewhere. Just the day before I had to get dogs to the west coast and Alligator Alley was closed. I ended up taking 27 across to Ft. Myers.  I dropped dogs, drove to Naples, picked up dogs and then had to come back via Tamiami Trail.  What a mess of a ride!

So now I am waiting to hear from the dealership where it was towed. It needs a new belt (I pulled it out in pieces) but of course, they want to run a “diagnostic” to (charge me more) determine why the belt broke (because it’s about 5 years old).  It’s not my regular dealership and I’m at their mercy.  (Arrrggghhh!)

So I hope we’ll see all of you at Horses and Hounds this Sunday.  We have a bunch of goodies we’ll be selling and I understand we have some amazing items for a silent auction, too.  The news says the weather will be perfect and we have never needed your support more than we do now.  If you can’t donate much right now, come volunteer for a couple of hours and we’ll put you to work helping sell things and manning the auction or babysitting dogs in the run around area or filling water buckets.  There’s lots to do in a short piece of time.

And then, for the long term, I would like to find a couple people that could help with deliveries or transport of dogs or office work.  I spend an inordinate amount of time driving dogs back and forth for vet work or delivering dogs to their new homes.  Don’t get me wrong, I really LOVE that side of the work.  But I can’t get a new program started to get a new van if I can’t get some uninterrupted time to write brochures, set up systems and launch fundraising programs.  By the end of yesterday, I was so tired I actually felt like breathing was an effort.  If I knew that I had a regular volunteer to deliver one dog a week to their new home, or a person who would run to the kennel to take back a dog and maybe bring another one or two back up in their car one trip a week, or come to the house one regularly scheduled day or evening to do adoption paperwork for me, it would give me the relief I need.  Can you be a reliable volunteer?  If so, please contact me. Let’s see if we can work it out.

I’ll see you all at H&H.  There’s a printable flyer HERE.  This year is going to be the most awesomest, bestest EVER!

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  1. Hi there,

    We were lucky to have MD Case in our lives for 4 years before we lost him to bone cancer. Took us a great while to get over him, and now we are ready to get lucky again with a new Gr8! I had planned to visit your Hialeah Kennel next weekend just to check things out. Greyhounds have been a part of my life for a very long time. I was a leadout at Hollywood & Biscayne, then married a trainer, and my ex-motherinlaw was an owner/breeder.(VE LINDSTROM kennels from the 70’s & 80’s.

    I am getting ready to fill out your application, and noticed you were in need of assistance. I work days, and live in Sunrise off Sunset strip & pine island. I would be able to help out on Wednesday nites if it’s not too far. I also drive to Tampa at least 2x per month (new granddaughter!), so I might be able to help out on cross state deliveries on those weekends.

    Please let me know!