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Better Late than Never!!

Yes, I know. I should have had an update for you soooo long ago. I am sorry for the delay but here we go . . .

Paws for the Cause was a Greyt success! Our net profit after expenses was $3488. A huge thank you to all those who donated items and all those who came out to support FoG and to buy up some of our goodies. We owe a lot of gratitude to the Miami Showmen’s Hall and Maggie their tireless manager, and to Maurice Mizrahi (father of Hermes & Draco) and his staff and crew of Temptations Catering. Maggie did all she could to help us and made us feel so at home in the Hall. And Maurice’s food and staff were just wonderful. Without their help and support, I would have gone stark raving mad. (Hey, no comments!!)

So many people donated things and time to make this work that I cannot mention them all for fear of leaving someone out. But Jill and Jan and Beth and the people who jumped in and helped with everything from building baskets to manning the entry table worked tirelessly for the dogs. A big chunk of our profit came from the collection of artwork we had on display. The vast majority of those pieces were donated by Ralph Brescia and Deanna Thau of Stuart and their greyhound Lilly (formerly CRT Ashley). I had been considering an auction event for some time but Ralph’s canvases were what made it truly possible. Those of you in the Stuart area, please keep an eye out for Ralph and Lily at the dog park and thank them in person for all of our dogs!

A lot of planning went into the party and we had about a hundred people come out. I would have liked a larger turnout but we sure enjoyed visiting with the owners and doggies that did get there. I think everyone had a good time and it really reminded us of how much we miss the weekends at the kennel. We really need to get into a place where we can all get together again.

So what have I been doing? Well, it took me another couple days to get things sorted out, put away and figured out. That’s been a lot of detail. (Thank you Steve Holloway for storing so much of the artwork in your guest room!) Plus I had the pleasure of driving to Titusville to adopt to some long-time greyhound adopters who found themselves between dogs. Seems all the local groups in Melbourne and Orlando area decided Titusville was too far away or they didn’t have any dogs. I don’t understand it but their loss was our chance for Charley (Chase the Storm) to get a good home. FoG still goes the distance for our dogs to get a great home like that and we wish him all the best.

And yesterday was our Pet Supermarket day. In case you didn’t know, we sit at Pet Supermarket, 801 E. Sunrise Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, every other Saturday from10 to 2. It’s a great store with the best staff and customers I have ever had the honor to work with. I used to hate going to sit at things like that but now, at this store, I look forward to it. And they love our greyhounds! Stop and visit on a Saturday sometime! We are right at the front door.

Before leaving for the store, we had a flood at the house. It turned out to be a broken something in the toilet but we had water everywhere in no time. I spent an hour sopping up the floor and wringing out the towel into a bucket. Sop, wring, dump bucket. Repeat. I was really glad to get out and head to Pet Supermarket with Lucy (NAD Easy Does It) while Jerry visited with our favorite plumber. Easy got some good interest and we hope someone comes through for her! She’s such a great dog.

Our next event coming up is another party at YOLO (Las Olas, Ft. Lauderdale) on December 3rd. This is a Ladies Night Party but guys can come too. Ladies pay $5 at the door and drink free for happy hour. FoG will be there doing raffles and fun stuff. I think the door money comes to us but I’m not sure so don’t quote me. Our last YOLO event was really fun and the calamari was the best ever! See the flyer attached for info. Hope to see you there!

On another matter, we need to acknowledge the passing of an old and dear friend. Fred Weatherbee passed away at his home in Miramar leaving behind his two dogs, Cindy and Mitzi. We met Fred’s sister at his home to take the dogs. When we got Cindy, she had a massive, inoperable tumor on her leg. Fred had been too sick to take care of her and it had gone too far She went to the Rainbow Bridge that afternoon and I’m sure Fred was waiting for her there with Echo who had passed just a few weeks before. Mitzi is now living at our house. She had a few days of confusion and concern but she proved to be cat tolerant and has now settled into our crazy household.

We loved Fred and we miss him. But I tell you about this because many of our adopters are single people and you need to give some thought to what would happen to your dog if you don’t come home or pass away at the house. FoG is part of your family and you are part of ours. We can help – we want to help – if you need us. Whether it is just to care for your dog until others can step in, help get the dog to relatives, or whatever the situation, find a way to let your friends or relatives know that we are out here, ready to be a safetynet for your greyhounds. You and they are family to us.

Fred Weatherbee

Fred Weatherbee

Fred’s ashes are going with Echo and Cindy’s into our Greyhound Memorial Project plots at the Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation. He will be our first human to go into the site. But not our last. Jerry & I will be going there, too. There’s more information about the Project on our website. I hope you’ll check it out. Greyhounds and non-greyhounds – Everyone is welcome.

So… I’m sure there’s more to dish but I’d like to get this out today. We’d love to have another edition of our Auction if anyone has an idea for a location in Miami or Palm Beach. A lot of the paperwork and organizing is already done! No sense letting it go to waste. And be sure to keep an eye on things as we are constantly working on fundraisers and events, small or large. We intend to get these dogs into a decent, working kennel so no greyhound goes without a home. Please join us and help support this goal. Kiss your dogs for Jerry and me!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,