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Beds, Blankets & Bowls, Oh, My!

FoG is not closing down at this point but we are trying to get away from the overhead of our warehouse. When we started FoG, our garage was full of “stuff”. We rented a warehouse to store things and built kennels in the former garage. It has worked out wonderfully for years. But now we’d like to eliminate the warehouse rent which means downsizing the “stuff” in there. To add to the problem, much of the content of our Hialeah offices, kennel & shop were added (quite quickly) to the piles in there. I have been sorting and eliminating things like crazy. It is getting better but we have a long way to go.

I love yard sales but the weather is iffy and frankly, our offerings are oriented to dogs and a normal yard sale probably won’t work for us. So we are holding a true garage sale since we are piling all the “stuff” in the garage!! Below are some listings of the wonderful goodies we have to offer. Things are priced low and if needed, I could negotiate. I hope you will call or email me and let us know when you’d like to come look – and hopefully take some home. You are welcome to call me and ask about things but I don’t think it’s fair for me to “hold” things for people so plan on coming over! Address and cells are below. FoG’s holdings truly run the gamut and we are highly motivated to move it all out. (Believe me, there’s still a lot in that warehouse, too)

How to reach us – – –
Michelle’s cell – 954-937-9663
Jerry’s cell – 954-937-3647
Address – 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise 33322

A reasonably complete list of available stuff – – first come, first serve. I cannot hold anything for anyone – bring cash or personal check please. (If your check bounces, we take back your dog!)

We have:

DOG BOWLS – in cleaning out the warehouse I put together a collection of 73 dog bowls. Then the next day I found more. We have from 8″ to 17″ diameter bowls. We have mostly metal (silver, aluminum? Stainless steel?) with two lovely ceramic bowls and one super sized plastic non-tip bowl. We have normal bowls, non-tip, non-skid, pretty, not-so-pretty, embossed with designs, etc. – – – it is an amazing collection. If you are looking for bowls for a particular raised feeder, I suggest you put it in the car and bring it with you so you know you got the right fit. (Can’t do that at a store or online!!) And you know you want a new non-tip bowl for the patio – – and one for the kitchen, too.


“Indian” blankets (great for throws or dogs) 12
Large Comforters – 2
Dog Beds – several – all about 20×30 or larger – several white “bumper” crate beds, too.
2 quilted furniture throws (couch covers)
Big Big Bag of towels (great for spills or baths)
Chillspot – (retail: $180 plus frt) will consider all offers – you freeze the insert and dogs & cats can lay on it and stay cool outside. Click here for their company website.

42″ black folding crates (3)
46″ blue folding crate
Marchiorro travel kennels (like in the back of our van) – will sell 3 of the smaller sized ones (fine size for females and will handle a male for a short trip – few hours) Safest kennels in the world!
leash clips – like the clip that hooks the leash to the collar. Big bag
White plastic chain – think garden or holiday decor
Iron shepherds’ hook stakes
Sling Scale – hangs from overhead. Accurately weights up to 220#
Large Wet-Dry Vacuum (we have 2)

Coleman Folding Camp Bed (from times I slept in the kennel with sick dogs)
Polar Fleece fabric – quite a bit of it.
Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker – Makes a big frozen dog popsicle – google it!!
Fancy picture frames (dog & cat themes)
Bobble heads – Greyhound Bobble Heads produced by Hollywood Dog Track several years ago – collectors’ item. Greyhound was based on one of our dogs but looked nothing like her!!

HIGH END – Not for everybody but if you have friends who would be interested, please feel free to share.

Imarc pet tag engraving machine with lots of tag blanks – used for years in the FoG shop. It is just sitting idle now. Current retail is $3400. We will sell ours with all “stuff” for half that. We no longer need it but some other group or shop can put it to good use. Dog tags save lives!!

Mikasa China – Silver Swirl pattern #474 – purchased in Italy in 1964 – like new! 85 pieces. – email me if you’d like to see a list of the pieces.

Antique trade weights – used in commerce on the ships – complete with fitted box. Neat way to teach math, weights and measures.

Cambodian Goblets – brought back from the Vietnam peninsula area in the 60s by a Merchant Marine. 6 goblets, small bucket & 2 candlesticks. Unique, very old process creates a “vacuum” in the goblet to keep your drink cool. Very, Very old. Asking $300.

Passport Portable Sound System – Made by Fender, this unit clips the speakers onto the audio system. Pull them off and you have a amplifier, mike & instrument jacks, cables & all the bells & whistles. Easy set up & lots of power. Has served us very well for events and parties. We hope it will find a new home that will put its abilities to good use!! This is the Fender Passport PD-250 – go ahead, google it!!

I hope to see you in the kennel/garage. And you can even bring the dog to go shopping! Give me a call!! If you are looking at something in particular, let me know as some of these items are still in the warehouse. I’m bringing them over but it’s a process!