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ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS! Volunteer Shirts for $5!

On Saturday, June 16th, we will be tie-dying “Love, Peace, Greyhounds” t-shirts.  Everyone is invited to come help out.  Our student and adult volunteers may purchase a shirt for $5 and tie-dye it for yourself on Saturday.  If you won’t be able to come next Saturday, come by tomorrow (Sunday), prepay for your shirt and tell us the size and your color choices and some of the other volunteers will make it for you. There is no guarantee on what it will turn out to be but that’s part of the tie-dye process!

We have 6 dozen shirts to do in total so we need a whole crew of people to get everything dyed.  Wear something very old as you may get dye on it!  On the next day, Sunday, June 17th,  we will need a few people to help with the final rinsing, too.  Lee will wash them in the kennel washer and dryer to finish them up.  If you pre-purchased a shirt for $5, you can take it with you on Sunday afternoon.  As soon as they are ready, our little shop will be featuring a colorful assortment of hand-dyed t-shirts.  Volunteers may purchase completed shirts then for $10 each.  They will be offered for sale to the general public for $15.  Sizes are limited.   Come and help to get the best deal!