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Atascocita Venus – “Nova”

Good afternoon,

I wanted to write to you all to give you an update on one of your greyhounds that was sent north, Atascocita Venus. Venus, now known as Nova, came to me on March 1st through James River Greyhounds in Richmond, VA. She was originally a foster with intent, as I was looking for a companion for my other greyhound, Luna (Boc’s Duchess). Luna is a spooky girl, and I always felt that she could benefit from a companion. She’s also a very bossy hound, so I assumed that she’d prefer to live with a goofy male, but after she was indifferent to the male fosters who came to stay with us last year, I wanted to give a female a shot. I knew within days that these two girls were a perfect match, and Luna and Nova have been as thick as thieves ever since.

In the following months, watching Nova discover her roll as a retired pet has been such a pleasure. Right off the bat, she has been extremely easy, and fell right into our routine. She is such a sweetheart, and is always happy. She loves getting hugs, and chatters her teeth and leans in on anyone who stops to say hello. Soon after I adopted Nova, I got a new job teaching at a university in the Nashville area, so we had to move 650 miles. Both hounds took it in stride, and have adapted well to our new area. We also took a month-long vacation to Wisconsin over the summer to visit my family, so Nova is becoming quite the traveler.

She has recently discovered toys, and haphazardly tromps around the house, diving and pouncing, all while displaying a wild case of helicopter tail. She loves treats of all kinds, and has no problem telling me that she would like a cookie. She has also decided that retirement is all about being as lazy as possible, and outside of a couple of daily walks, she can mostly be found sprawled out on one of her beds. Nova loves walks, and, in particular, loves to meet the neighborhood school bus as the kids come home in the afternoon. She adores the kids, and has used her gentle nature to help many of them overcome their fears of large dogs.

As you can see, the three of us have been very happy, and I am so glad to have both of my girls in my life. I want to thank you for all that you do to help these wonderful greyhounds find adoptive homes after they have retired!

I am attaching a couple of photos. The first is of Nova and her hilarious radar ears. The second show Luna (left) and Nova (right) on a typical car ride. The last is of me and my girls on our moving day.

Take care,