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Greyhound_Rumblin_Aggie-bigHi Michelle,
I’m Ashley and just want to thank you for finding me a forever home. I love
my new mommy. She is the best. She got me a beautiful pink collar and a coat
that has “It’s all about me all over it.” I look adorable in it of course. I
get to go for walks and rides and lay outside chewing on bones and just
enjoying my life. Living with Daffy is certainly interesting at times and I
just love younger men so we get along most of the time. As you know he’s a
little cuckoo but very loving. My racing name was Rumblin Aggie and I was
born 12/3/2006. Tatoos are 126A 40757. My mom tried to get my nails trimmed
and I wasn’t letting that happen. She mentioned taking me down to the kennel
and I’m not so sure I like that idea. Keep up the good work getting my
fellow friends home. Hope to see you soon.