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Art Deco Festival on South Beach

On Friday we had to have our booth set up and in place at the Art Deco Festival on South Beach in Miami by noon. It was a struggle to meet that schedule but it was worth it.  What a great time we had!!   Soooooooo many people.  In other years we’ve opted to skip the night crowd but since the cost of the show had gone up, we wanted to get our money’s worth and opted to stay late into the night.  We actually had people who met us at the show on Friday, came to the kennel on Saturday, brought their little dog back on Sunday, and took delivery on their new dog, TFN Casey today, Saturday. That’s neat!

Makes the long hours of the show worthwhile.  We had a good group of volunteers and helpers and it was never, never dull.

On Sunday morning when I was headed down to SoBe to open the booth, Lee called me from the kennel.  Seems the morning tv news people had done a broadcast about the festival and they’d done it from right in front of our tent with the whole Friends of Greyhounds banner behind them.  Great publicity!

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  1. Janine Tarantola says:

    Hey, those are my dogs in the upper right photo: Dutches, (wearing the red purple coat), Amber (wearing the red coat) and little Shadow with the silver back. It was a blast hanging out with you at the Art Deco Fair. I just love telling people about how wonderful greyhounds are.

    Janine & George Tarantola