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The ABC’s of Greyhound Adoption

 A) Read our website and learn about greyhounds.
 B) Call us (954-578-0072) and make an appointment to choose one (or have one choose you).
 C) Complete the adoption form from here or at the shelter.
 D) While you read your manual the medical work will be completed.
 E) The dog is delivered to your home.
 F) The $225 adoption fee is collected upon delivery.

Friends of Greyhounds offers you the opportunity to apply to adopt a greyhound. We will ask you to complete a rather lengthy adoption application and agree to some terms including one or more home visits by one of our members. We reserve the right to deny your application. The fee to adopt is $225 payable in cash, by check or credit card.

You can see pictures of the dogs we currently have available for adoption by clicking here. Call 954-578-0072 for more information and to make an appointment.

The dog you adopt will:

  • Have been spayed or neutered before you receive him or her (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • Have received all shots including rabies vaccine.
  • Have been dewormed.
  • Have been tested for heartworms.
  • Have received a topical flea, tick and heartworm preventative.
  • Have had teeth cleaned and any necessary dental work done.
  • Come with a new collar and leash.

You will receive a vet’s report on what medical care the dog has received prior to your adoption so that you can transfer that information to your own vet. We recommend you take the dog to your own vet as soon as possible so that they can meet each other and your vet can do an initial check up. We will also provide you with a manual that will help guide you. If you’d like to read it online, click here.

If we have been able to get the dog’s racing name, we will provide it and any breeding or performance information we can retrieve. Although these dogs have racing names they usually haven’t been called by these names and don’t answer to them. You should feel free to re-name the dog without causing confusion.

Adopters are given the telephone numbers of support volunteers who will be happy to answer questions or help with problems at any time during your transition.

Friends of Greyhounds is currently operating without a commercial kennel. The dogs are available to be seen in Sunrise, FL. Please call first to meet someone there. The FoG number is 954-578-0072, but if you don’t catch us, call Michelle on her cell at 954-937-9663 or Jerry at 954-937-3647. We look forward to showing you the available dogs.

Call us to ask additional questions or to come to meet the greyhounds!