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A Personal Note. . .

M34sNov12sJerry and I have personally met most of the people who read this site and we consider you family and friends.  So, although I hate to use this site for personal notes, I think Jerry and I need to dispell some concerns (rumors, if you will) that are bouncing around.  Neither of us is sick.  I swear to you that we are both healthy.  Actually, healthier than we’ve been in a long time.

Yes, we have both lost weight.  Jerry has lost about 45 pounds and I am proud to say that I lost 105.  No, that’s not a typo.  We have been together for 23 years but were just legally married three years ago.  The photo on the left is from our wedding, 12/12/09.  I did not have those photos printed at the time because I was so disgusted by the way I looked.  My first reaction was to be miserable and wear more clothes.  But last year Jerry and I started a diet.  Now, I have  been dieting all my life.  Everything that was out there, normal and obscure,  I have tried.  Cambridge, Jenny, Weight Watchers (4 times), cabbage soup, and so many more!  I usually lost weight but was not able to sustain the lifestyle change.  And I never, ever hit my goal.  I kept upping the goal with each diet, too!  But across the street from one of our vets is a place called Quick Weight Loss and every time I walked out of the door, I saw the sign right there.  So Jerry and I joined Quick Weight Loss.  It has been amazing.  Jerry was on diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure meds.  His doctor has now taken him off of all but one small preventative pill.  Our doctor is now sending people to QWL.   I was healthy anyway (good German/ Irish stock!) but I’m pretty sure losing this has helped me stay healthy longer.  So last month we attended the wedding of some friends on a cruise ship and we had new photos taken.  Yes, Jan Corcoran, our purchasing coordinator for FoG and owner of Boca Raton Bridal, was able to find me another, similar dress for the photos.  Jerry had to have a new suit, too.  There was no way to alter the old ones.  Pretty cool contrast, huh?  And being healthier means we’ll have more time to be with our dogs.  So if you get to the point where you want a system that works – really works – I urge you to go to Quick Weight Loss Centers.  They are amazing people who will teach you day by day how to retrain your body to want to eat healthy.  There are supplements but no drugs, no shots, no exercising.  Just learning all over again how to eat smart.  It’s not cheap but being fat is not cheap either.  You’ll be glad you went.   We sure are.  Tell them Jerry & Michelle sent you!


  1. Kim, Rambling Family Manager says:

    Michelle, you look great in both pictures- you’re one of those people who just sparkles no matter what size you are. :) Congratulations to you both for getting healthy; I know what a battle it is since I’m fighting too. I lost 40 pounds in 2007; some of it’s crept back on, but I’m not giving up. Just keep going- the hard work really starts with maintenance since it’s forever, but you can do it. The statistics say it’s a losing battle, but the statistics also said I should have regained every bit and more by now and I haven’t, so the statistics are WRONG!!!! :)

  2. Susie Quinby says:

    I’m so happy for you both! What a great pic. You’ve turned back the clock! Happiness and love always.

  3. Mark Fetcher says:

    Congratulations……you both look wonderful!!