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A Greyt Weekend coming up! You’ll want to be there!

You’ll want to plan to stop by the kennel this weekend, January 29th & 30th.  On Saturday and Sunday, Lynne Piper, who makes some of the wonderful collars we sell in the Greyhound Goodies shop, will be bringing all of her collars to the kennel and her sewing machine!  So if you want a martingale collar with your team logo on it, or a collar that matches your outfit, you can have it custom made.  Lynne’s collars are not only functional but beautiful.  She has fabrics for a lot of the NFL teams and some of the colleges.  If you want a special one and have some cotton fabric with that logo on it (a neckerchief, shirt or even boxer shorts, etc.) bring it in with you and she’ll see what she can do.  If you’ve found a gorgeous fabric that you think would look perfect on your dog, bring it in.  If you can find fabric, she can probably dress your dog in it!  She’s pretty good at this stuff!  She’ll set up the sewing machine on Saturday and will come back on Sunday so come visit and look at all the neat collars.  Lynn has also said that if you have purchased one of her collars previously and worn it out, bring it back to her and she’ll give you $3 off the price of a new collar!

And then, on Sunday, we have a major celebration.  Jerry Deitch, our illustrious Founder and President will be celebrating his birthday on Monday, January 31st.  Yes, folks, it’s our Founder’s Day!  So on Sunday, we’ll have a cake and way too many candles. (snicker, snicker)  We’re not going to do hot dogs and burgers because he’s always the one who mans the grill and we’re going to give him the day off.  We tend to be busy with events this time of year and his birthday is overlooked.  Please help me  make this year special.  I know for a fact that his birthday wish is for a visit from you and your dogs.  Nothing makes Jerry’s day like seeing the dogs we’ve placed in loving homes.  It makes us look back over the last ten years in amazement.  There’s no way I could do this work without Jerry.  I do a lot of the legwork and running around and I’m the one you see, but believe me, he’s the rock that holds this organization together.  ( I can say what I want without him getting a swelled head because he never reads my blog! But don’t tell him I was complimenting him – I have to live with him, you know! )

Please come to the kennel this weekend and wish Jerry a Happy Birthday and have a piece of cake!

Sled dog pup in Alaska

Showing off the collars with Granddaughter Sarah