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A “Darling”, Special Senior Needs New Home

This is Darling. She has been called Darling for a dozen years now so there’s no sense changing it.  She was born in January, 1998 and is 14 years old.

Her name remains the same but everything else in her life has changed.  Seems her mom now has dementia and was sent off to a hospice center.  No one in the family can care for Darling and none of the groups in her area would accept her.  So we did.  That’s what Friends are all about.

She is lovely, no scars or problems, alert, intelligent, lively, bunny soft and sooo sweet. She’s no spring chicken but she’s been going out with the crowd here at our home and handling it all in stride.  She’s a good eater and adjusted to the new schedule and routine quickly.  We have her vet records going 10 years back.  She was very well cared for and is ready for a new home.  We understand that she has lived with a cat as well.  I initially meant to bring her into our home but we discovered that she has no experience walking on tile.  She slip slides and goes down quickly.  And it’s a little late to learn now.

So we need a home for a Super Sweet Senior.  There is no adoption fee for her but you will need to be an approved adopter.  She needs love and carpet and some company.  She is a warm and wonderful girl and deserves better than the kennels in our garage to live out her days.  My photos do not do her justice but if you are interested in meeting her, please let me know and I will bring her to the kennel or you can come to the house.  I will have her at the kennel tomorrow (Saturday, 6/9) but not necessarily on Sunday as I have to bring back a lot of dogs that day and without my truck, I am limited to 3 dogs.

Darling is a Special girl and she Needs a warm and loving home.  She still has so much love to give.  Can you help her?  Please let me know!

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  1. lisa z. says:

    awww, i’d take her in a heartbeat, michelle ! (you know i have a soft spot for seniors) but, i have hardwood floors throughout the house. i doubt that she’d like those much more than tile floors. i hope a good soul reaches out to her very soon- like, today! lisa z. and “critters”