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>Marketing & Promotions help adopters find us. One of the points brought out in our planning meeting was the need for more exposure for the dogs. When we have media coverage, adoptions go up. So, we’re putting on a bigger push for marketing and media. If you have contacts or expertise in this field and can help, please email me at We want to put together a solid group of people who can cover a whole variety of media. We have people who put our dogs on Petfinder (but she’s moving soon) and on greyhound-data. I may have someone to handle the other databases (Pet911, etc.). Dean Gaveau (one of our adopters) quickly arranged for us to get much needed copies of our video for the TV stations. (No small feat – the quote I received was $600!) Another volunteer is working on getting them into the NBC lineup. Michelle Mertens has already created a site for FoG on Myspace and Craigs List! Now that her new dog is settled in, we’ll be tapping Sarah Collins for help with “press release” magic. Johnnie and Mario have been handling the photos of the new dogs and they look gorgeous. But it’s a big job that requires a regular commitment and we’re thinking that maybe if we lined up another photographer, they could alternate weekends or somehow share the work. We need your ideas and your professional help.

Marketing on an Individual basis. There’s a lot more things that can be done. We really want your input and ideas. Think about exposing the world to your greyhound. Put your dog’s photo on your desk and hang a greyhound calendar to start conversations. Send in your dog’s picture to those local contests or to the tv station. They never have enough things to put on their websites. Or, if you’re more the office type, compile lists of places that want dog photos entered so we can tell others with greyhounds. Take brochures to your vet’s office. Subscribe to CG for your vet or leave an old issue at the dentist’s office. Use morphing software to create a video of greyhound faces and post it on Youtube. Put that bumper sticker on your car! Suggest your kids use greyhound ideas for school research papers. Bring the scout group to the kennel for their animal badge (call first). We can all help expose these dogs. Remember, for every dog we adopt, there’s another one waiting to take that place in the kennel. Please, every little bit helps!