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Family Picnic. The Family Picnic was a greyt success. We had a wonderful attendance and even had four adoptions from it including two of our Superstar dogs, Redmoon Nurse and MJ’s Uh Oh Bubby (who is technically going on a home trial). We had a terrific lunch of hotdogs and hamburgers once Joe McKee helped Jerry figure out the grill we had borrowed! There were salads and cupcakes and watermelon, too, so our guests felt welcome. But of course, the really important guests were those that made up the 500 adoptions. For them, we created a 3-tiered “cake” in the shape of the numbers “500” out of peanut butter dog cookies. It was a huge success and we made a cake for each day! Our attached photo shows (left to right) Donovan Campbell (Dad), ‘CF’s Charlie Boy’ Campbell (our 500th dog), ‘Our Lloyd’ Campbell (Charlie’s new brother), Julie Campbell (Mom), ‘Bets on Nicole’ Campbell, Jerry Deitch (FoG’s founder) and the remains of the cookie cake which Nicky is eyeing closely. The two Campbell kids were at the kennel but they were off having fun. If we’d waited to get them into the photo, we’d probably still be posing! Yes, this wonderfully crazy Parkland family now has three greyhounds and two kids. And look at those smiles. Would you believe, they’re actually considering getting a fourth? Seems every family member wants to hold their own leash. I’ll bet the neighborhood loves to see them going for walks!

Thank you to everyone who came and helped and visited and did all those little things that make a weekend like this come together. Lisa clipped nails until she couldn’t bend her back. Katy was hustling doing dog washes and errands and just kept smiling through it all. Lee was having a ball bringing out dogs and catching up with her old kennel dogs. Linda’s shop never looked better – or sold so much! I hope you all know that the 500th dog is just a symbol of all of you and all of the work and hope and love that has brought us to this point. I hope you’ll all be around to help us celebrate the 1,000th – and more. YOU did this and we applaud you for it.

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    >Sounds like you all had a great time.