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>Bordetella Vaccine. This is the “kennel cough” vaccine that every dog should have at least every six months – especially greyhounds. All dog parks and boarding kennels require it and it’s an intranasal application so it’s not painful to administer. If you dog is due for Bordetella, bring him or her in any open house weekend. It doesn’t need to be done by a vet. We’re doing it for only $6 a dose and there’s no “office visit charge” like at the vet. We believe that keeping Bordetella vaccine current can help stem the spread of the canine flu. We’re making it inexpensive and easy. No excuses left. Get that vaccine!

Microchip your dog. Nothing takes the place of a good collar with a tag showing your name and phone number. But what happens when the collar comes off? How does your dog tell people that he has a home and wants to go back? How do people determine if he is a housepet or a stray? A microchip is the best way. Animal Control, rescues, vets and lots of other animal groups have scanners that will read the number from a microchip. One phone call, and they know who the owners are and how to reach them. After Katrina went through Louisiana and Alabama, the dogs that were actually reunited were the ones that had microchips. Most of the others were shipped out to other parts of the country. Don’t let that happen to your pet.

A microchip (see photo) will last the life of the dog and takes only a minute to insert. We use Avid brand because they’re the best chip and have the absolute best database of information. I will microchip any dog (or cat – use a carrier) for $25 and that includes all the registration paperwork. No other fee is needed unless you move and change your information (and even that’s reasonable). It’s the best permanent marking for your dog ever invented. I do microchipping at the kennel any weekend or you can catch me at microchip clinics at Petco (next one: Saturday, July 14), pet festivals or other pet oriented places. I’m even doing an event for a small dog rescue on June 24th. I’ve gone to people’s homes to do a houseful of cats. Whatever it takes. I believe in this system and this product so we make it as easy and reasonable as possible. If you love your pet, then go the extra step – get him or her microchipped. Questions about microchipping? CALL ME!!! Michelle 954-937-9663.