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Email Sent to Our Subscribers on July 29, 2014

Dear Friends of Friends – I think most of you know by now that we are no longer working from the Hialeah location because the […]

Letter Sent to Adopters on July 23, 2014

Dear Friends of Friends of Greyhounds, As many of you know Friends of Greyhounds, a 501c3 charity, was asked to vacate the kennel location at […]

John’s Happy Tails Report
7/28/14 Mostly Happy Tales About Greyhounds, Some We Know, Some We Don’t And Other Related Events.

Well, we found out first hand that the letters have been mailed out. We will probably be doing a lot of time fundraising for the […]

Atascocita Degas (AKA Koko)

Dear Michelle, We would like to thank you and your organization, “Friends of Greyhounds” so much for rescuing greyhounds. We have been adopting rescued greyhounds […]

Boot Kamp Beast is Helping FoG!

Donation based Boot Kamp classes with 10% of the donations to be given to Friends of Greyhounds. August 2 & 16 at 7:00 AM RSVP […]

John’s Happy Tails Report
7/22/14 Mostly Happy Tales About Our Greyhounds From Where Ever We Can Get Them For The Near Future.

July 21st was a personal day off, not by choice but by sheer lack of time. Birthdays only come once a year (except for cats […]

Walk Your Dog and Donate to FoG!

If you are reading this you probably have a dog. Also there is a good chance you have an iPhone or Android Phone. Friends of […]

The FoG is still Rolling!

I know that my “silence” has worried a few of you. I honestly did not realize I had gone so long without giving an update […]

John’s Happy Tails Report
7/14/14 Mostly Happy Tales From One Step Beyond.

The latest word on the ongoing AtascocitaGabby story is that she has finally been picked up and is in her new home. Three full months […]

John’s Happy Tails Report
7/7/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Hialeah, But Not The Kennel, And News About The New Kennel.

Greetings Earthlings, much has happened in the past week. I don’t know how much I’m authorized to talk about, so we will keep it mild […]